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#13 Brooklyn -Seiren Aoi-

“Flower / The Last Journey of Two Butterflies”

Flower 1 (Orange)
Flower 2 (Gold)
The Last Journey of Two Butterflies

Flower 1 (Orange):
This artwork has lively, warm and happy feelings.

Flower 2 (Gold):
The one represents delicate, silent and dignified beauty of flowers.

The Last Journey of Two Butterflies:
I named it after a sorrowful Kabuki dance called “Cho No Michiyuki”. The two lovers who meet in the afterworld as butterflies and they dance together in memory of the old days. 

Aoi Seiren

Japanese calligrapher artist, incorporates traditional Japanese calligraphy and drawing art together to generate entirely unique style of calligraphy art. Seiren studied art calligraphy under Hiroyuki Nakajima. Since 2014, Seiren has been based in New York. She had exhibitions at J-collabo and the Consulate General of Japan. Seiren has also taught drawing and calligraphy at Japan Society.

アンカー 1
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