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We are excited to begin a new period of intercultural exchange at J-LABO Brooklyn with the first U.S. solo exhibition of the brilliant Japanese calligrapher and artist Sugita Koki.

Reception Part 1 at Globus Washitsu on Decenber 4th

The exhibition was held at the Globus Washitsu in Manhattan on December 4. Approx. 40 guests who participated in this fabulous Omotenashi party enjoyed with Sake, Sushi and Art.

A tea ceremony provided by Tea-Whisk and a collaboration performance by Sumie Kaneko (Shamisen) and Koki Sugita (Calligrapher).

Reception Part 2 at J-LABO Brookyn on December 7thh

The Koki’s solo exhibition, KOTOTAMA was held at J-LABO Brooklyn in Park Slope from December 7thto 20th. We are so honerd to be with approx. 100 guests at the opening reception on December 7th.

アンカー 1

This show marks the genesis of a new technique involving the use of calligraphy on Tatami matting, which was traditionally made from woven straw and has always been integral to the life and culture of the Japanese people.


Performances by Koki and Masayo Ishigure (Koto).


Globus Washitsu: Address:889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003


Yatsushika Syuzo:

Sumie Kaneko:

Koki Sugita:


Masayo Ishigure:


J-COLLABO Live Performance from on Vimeo.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 12, 2014, 8:00PM-10:00PM


Nick Chen ( ENIX )

Dean G. Brown

Fumio Tashiro

Dance by Blue Muse Dance NYPerformer: Malin Barr

Closing Reception: Saturday, April 19, 2014, 8:00PM-10:00PM

Music by Combat JazzJohn McQueeney – sax

John Turner – trumpet

Jorge Manahan – guitar

Trevor James Walker – drums

Fumio Tashiro – bass

Dance by Blue Muse Dance NY

Performers: Hazuki Homma, Femi Olagoke, Stefania Dalmonte, Natalie Kolbo, Brian C. Jones & Robin Johnson’


“My Dance Teacher” : Sengiku Bando with a film “Kool : Dancing in my mind” on May 2 at J-LABO.

“Kool:Dancing in my mind” by Robert Wilson and Richard Rutkowski.

The film is about Suzushi Hanayagi, a traditional Japanese dancer, who over the years has become very influential as a dancer and choreographer. SuzushiHanayagi in the film has also collaborated with avantgarde director Robert Wilson, who refers to her as “My Teacher”

Dance Performance by Sengiku Bando

A new generation of a dancer, choregrapher from Japan, Sengiku Bando has performed at theater festivals such as Avignon, and the Sciviu Festival in Romania. The performance begins with images of the New York scene. Sengiku Bando, starts to perform her own original piece inspired by these images, seen behind her, which dissolve into own space and live performance

Kaoru Watanabe – fue

Fumio Tashiro – bass

Video by

Hisami Kurosawa and Miho Morita

Afterwards, we will continue with a panel discussion with Sengiku Bando, and a New York dance choregrapher, about Japanese traditional dance as presented and interpreted in overseas cultures

This was an art exhibit of the mixed media pieces of Yuichi Sugai and the video art installations of Miho Morita. This exhibit entitled, Vigorous Showa, examines and commemorates a period of rapid growth and evolution in 20th century Japan.

In Japanese history the Showa period represents the time of rapid social and economic growth that eventually established Japan as a world super power. This period is revered in Japanese history, since it followed many years of international and domestic upheaval including two world wars and the use of nuclear weapons that devastated the infrastructure as well as the spirit of many Japanese people. The period of Showa is often referred to as “Time of disturbance and turbulence.” Vigorous Showa pays homage to this cherished time in Japanese history. A time in which the spirit and vitality was restored in the hearts of Japan’s people.

“Vigorous Showa” : Art Exhibition from April 12 to 20 at J-LABO.

J-COLLABO held two Winter Festivals for Artists from Japan & NY and Kids in Park slope.

The audiences enjoyed uniquely constructed a multi disciplinary art showcase or games at J-Collabo’s 3500 square feet with seatings on three sides experimental space, J-LABO Brooklyn.

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