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J-COLLABO creates several events with some artisans from Ishikawa and Kyoto. We held big presentation at Japanweek, grand central station, Globus Washitsu, and Tenri Institute with the traditional Japanese Dancers.


We had a presentation at Tenri Institute on March 12 2016.

Discover Japanese Tradition from Ishikawa

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Japan Alps and Sea of Japan, Ishikawa is home to both ancient handicrafts and cutting-edge high tech—often coexisting in the same product. Through this event, New York City will spring to the beat of the arts & crafts of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Visitors to Yukidoke Festival also imbibed the essence of Japanese culture in the form of the tea ceremony, as well as an exhibition of kimono. Topping it off will be a performance of the flamboyant dance form Renjishi. Two practitioners of this Kabuki performing art—sometimes called Lion Dance—journeyed from Ishikawa to perform exclusively for audiences at our events.


Saturday, February 21st

Place: GLOBUS CHASHITSU,889 Broadway, NYC 10003

1.Kimono & Dress Exhibition

2. Tea Ceremony

3. VIP Party

Guests were invited to take in a performance of Renjishi as they sample sake and sushi. Ukon and Sakon Takafuji of Ishikawa’s Takafuji Dance Company  enacted the dance highlight of a Kabuki tale of two lion cubs who fight for their father’s favor. The key point of Renjishi involves the demanding skill of “Mane-Whirling,” which requires great strength and stamina as the Takafuji’s whirl their long manes round and round their upper bodies.


Sunday, February 22nd

Place: J-LABO Brooklyn, 300 7th Street, Brooklyn 11215

1. J-educate Workshops

Learn how to wear a kimono and make traditional Kyoto-top by Mr.Nakamura, making a Kutani-hariyama by Ms.Oonuma, Kinpaku by Mr.Sunazaki, Kaga-yuzen Kimono by Mr.Hisatsune, Amaike dress by Mr.Amaike, how to wear Kimono by Hiromi Sato.


We have joined in JapanWeek 

February 18-20

Place: Grand Central Statio

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