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#03:Relief Japan

We would like to pray, from the bottom of our hearts, for all those who perished in thedevastating earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan as well as the family members who mourn them. We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all of the victims. Hoping that our country will be restored soon, we have tried to raise funds and send messages of hope through charity activities in NYC. We will continue to collect monetary donations for Japan no matter how small.

Love Japan

You can donate to the following reliable associations.

Love Art & Help Japan

Fundraising Campaign

Nots for Japan

Fundraising Concert

On March 11 around 2:46PM a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan followed by a devastating Tsunami. In the wake of the destruction, over 10,000 people are dead, over 17,000 people are still missing. Over 146,500 homes and buildings are destroyed and many more people rendered homeless.
These people are in dire need of food, supplies, clean water and medical assistance. The following organizations are accepting donations on behalf of Japan disaster relief. Your donations will help provide badly needed food, water, supplies and medical assistance. Please Help.

*All the organizations on this site are internationally recognized humanitarian aid organizations. J-COLLABO.COM urges you to beware of fraudulent fundraising schemes.

Fundraising Event

Your gift to the American Red Cross will support our disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.
Please enter the details of your donation below. Minimum donation amount is $10.

Donate to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund

Yes, I want to help provide disaster relief and support for Japanese children

A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake has hit Japan, triggering a deadly tsunami. Japanese media report that the death toll is rising and thousands are missing. It is the worst earthquake to hit Japan in at least a century and has sparked dozens of…

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will disburse funds to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. GlobalGiving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground.

Potential Long Term Impact

Major disasters always…

Mercy Corps is working to help survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami with our longstanding partner, Peace Winds.

Peace Winds helicoptered emergency supplies on Monday — including tents, blankets, cooking fuel, tarps, rice and bread — to families evacuated from homes in the tsunami-devastated city of Kesennuma.

International Medical Corps is responding to the situation in Japan and tsunami-warning areas, following an 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan’s coast, triggering a tsunami that devastated northern parts of the country and put a tsunami warning in effect for much of the Pacific.

“We are putting together relief teams, as well as supplies, and are in contact with partners in Japan and other affected countries to…

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. On this page we are providing the information regarding the disaster and damage with realtime updates.

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