#28 Haretoke & Moriki Paper 2019-2020



15 students who are majoring in design in Aichi University of the Arts will hold a “HARE TO KE EXHIBITION Japanese Special Days and Ordinary Days”at J-COLLABO. In our life, there are special days such as weddings, festivals, and New Year’s Day. Also there are ordinary days when we just go to school or workplaces. Both of these days are important, and special days are based on ordinary days. Such thought is called “HARE TO KE” in Japanese. We are proud of this sensibility which is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. 15 artists rethink and express this beautiful sense that Japanese have by creating graphic designs, illustrations, and installations. We hold this exhibition to achieve the goal that this sensibility will go beyond generations and nationalities and will be empathized by more people in the world.


Address: 300 7th street Brooklyn, New York 11215
Tel: 347-987-3217
Open daily from 11am to 7pm
4 minute walk from 4th Ave-9th St Station
4 minute walk from 9th St Station
2 minute walk from 5th ave/7th St Station