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Mission Statement



J-Collabo is a nonprofit institution based in Brooklyn, NY, that provides a platform to celebrate and explore Japanese arts and culture. Through innovative programing and transformative encounters, using Japanese context as a starting point, J-Collabo instigates new ways to approach traditional practices and perspectives, which enriches the local community and contributes to the development of global art.




J-Collabo was founded in 2008 as a NY State 501(c)3 non-profit organization and started as an online gallery with the theme of "Experience Japan in Brooklyn.” The gallery also published interviews with prominent Japanese in the U.S., including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Shinzo Abe etc. In addition, J-Collabo was involved in the planning and management of many cultural events, including a charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake at St. John the Divine Cathedral, and a tourism promotion event at Grand Central Station. BELLA GAIA, a collaboration of traditional Japanese performing arts such as Gagaku and Noh, and video of the Universe by NASA, has been successfully performed at NYU Skirball, Yakushiji Temple, and Himuro Shrine.

Jコラボは2008年にNY州501(c)3非営利団体として設立され、”日本文化の再考”をテーマとしたオンラインギャラリーとしてスタート。未来世代のアーティストによる 日本をコンセプトとした作品発表にとどまらず、坂本龍一氏、杉本博司氏、安倍晋三氏など、アメリカで著名な日本人などのインタビュー記事も発信し注目を集めた。 さらには、セントジョンザディバイン大聖堂での東日本大震災のチャリティーイベント、グランドセントラルステーションでの観光プロモーションイベントなど多くの日本 のイベントの企画運営に携わる。雅楽や能など日本伝統芸能とNASAの映像とのコラボ作品”BELLA GAIA”はNYU Skirball、薬師寺、氷室神社などの日米ツアーも 成功させた。



Since 2014, J-Collabo has established a permanent base in Brooklyn, where it plans and manages educational programs on traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, calligraphy, rakugo and Noh, and traditional crafts such as bamboo crafts, pottery, lacquer ware, and Japanese paper. Under the concept of "Brooklyn + Japan," J-Collabo provides free community events to connect with local people. In addition, since 2017, J-Collabo has held an annual art group exhibition, providing opportunities for outstanding artists to showcase their work, including solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Japan.

2014年からは、ブルックリンに常設拠点を設け、茶道、華道、書道、落語、雅楽、能などの日本伝統文化や竹細工、陶器、漆器、和紙などの伝統工芸品の教育プログラム の企画運営を行う。“ブルックリン+ジャパン”をコンセプトに、無料のイベントを中心とした、現地の人々との繋がりを大切にしながらコミュニティーイベントを開発して いる。さらに2017年からはアニュアルアートグループ展を開催し、優秀者には日米でぼ個展など作品発表の機会を提供している。



Developed a test marketing program to support small businesses in collaboration with SMEs and local governments. To date, more than 500 companies have utilized the platform. With potential companies, we are developing products based on the concept of "Brooklyn + Japan" and have begun selling them in Japanese department stores (3 in Tokyo and Kyoto).

中小企業や地方自治体との協業でスモールビジネスをサポートするテストマーケティングプログラムを開発。これまで500社以上の企業がプラットフォームを活用し ている。可能性のある会社とは“ブルックリン+ジャパン”をコンセプトにした商品の開発も行い日本のデパート(3店舗:東京,京都)などでも販売を開始している。



J-COLLABO and BBFL Sustainable LLC, a joint venture of about 35 Japanese companies, will open the "Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo,"

a Japan-U.S. cultural exchange laboratory in Brooklyn, in 2024.

J Corp と BBFL SustainableLLC の共同運営により “Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo- ブルックリンの日米文化交流研究所 -” をオープン予定!





Founder/Senior Executive


Founder and President of J-Collabo, Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo.Creative and Branding Director. After graduating from the Japanese design College, he joined Shiseido's advertising department in 1996. After working in the International Business Planning Department for European Market in 2005, he moved to Shiseido Cosmetics America, where he was in charge of the North American market. After becoming independent in 2009, he was involved in branding for major cosmetics and apparel makers such as L'Oreal, Unilever, P&G, and Coty, as well as launching new brands such as Tatcha and Wei Beauty and more.

Co-founder/Senior Executive


Director Emeritus of the Iron Sculpture Museum (Okuizumo), artist, and member of the J-Collabo's Board of Directors since 2014. After graduating from the State University of New York, she worked in public relations for the Asia Society and the Rockefeller Foundation. After that, she has coordinated exhibitions at the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the National Museum of Art, Toyama, and the Shimane Art Museum,Shimane,Japan. She has had solo exhibitions at J.C. Thompson gallery, Manhattan in 1973, Mikimoto Art Gallery, Ginza in 1977 and 1986, and is the author of "Projection of Sculpture: Japanese Artists in New York in the 1960s" and other books.


Executive Director


Based on the philosophy of "creating the world's closest school to society," Ishikawa has been responsible for the practice-oriented management of the school, and has served as president and chairman of Vantan Inc. He has built a unique, cutting-edge educational model and established Vantan as a leading school in the field of professional education. Vantan has produced 190,000 graduates in various industries. Currently, he serves as an advisor and consultant to numerous companies, contributing to their solid performance. Based on his experience, he is also conducting research on human resource development and organizational theory.



He is a CEO of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT Co. and President and Representative Director of Speedy Inc and Speedy Gallery, Inc. He was a Founder and President of Sony Digital Entertainment Inc. in 2007, and Vice President of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. in 2002. He is also an External Director of Odd Number Inc., Visiting Professor of Yokohama College of Art, Content & Technology Integration Laboratory, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Mainly engaged in branding and IP (Intellectual Property) management of content in the Tech field. His other business interests include talent agency business, running an art gallery in Los Angeles, California, resort facilities throughout California and Okinawa, pesticide-free farm development, publishing business, other M&A and equity investments, and start-up investments.



Marketing Director CEO of Office FRENZY. After graduating from WASEDA university, He worked for RECRUIT and LAWSON for 30 years as Marketing Director. He also worked for LEGS(character marketing), FiNC(healthcare application) and KAMAKURASHINSHO(life ending support) as CMO. Now, He is  a marketing advisor of NewsTV(video ads), Lognote(electronic receipt), 4DT(artist site), SOKEN planning( novelty manufacture), UNIPLUS(grant support), Merone(single mother support), Newnex( athlete second career support), BOchance(trading card game specialty store), All in motions( video editing school), HANNARI( high spec men's research institute) and high school teacher of TAKAGI.



Senior Vice President and head of North America R&D of DENSO International America Inc., one of the world’s leading auto parts manufacturers. DENSO is now trying to shift how DENSO can provide a new value to the once-in-a-century era of the automobile/mobility world. Prior to coming to the U.S. as an expatriate, Shin led the concept creation and R&D strategy for Thermal Business Group in DENSO Headquarters. There, he created the “Intelligent Human Comfort” concept that led to a new in-vehicle-experience for the future vehicles.Before joining DENSO, Shin worked at Hokkaido Power Company and studied at Hokkaido University where he enjoyed. In his free time, Shin is an avid skier, which is why he loves Hokkaido, and a backpacker.



Representative Director of the Japan Traditional Beauty organization, dedicated to promoting Japanese culture internationally, particularly in New York. Since 2013, actively engaged as a media operator and reporter, focusing on individuals, products, and events both in Japan and abroad. Holds experience in managing an apparel company catering to industry professionals and organizing events globally. Currently involved in handling inquiries for prominent figures. In recent years, expanded roles to include film production and stage direction, serving as a producer in these creative domains.



He was involved in the project "THE NAMBA STATION SQUARE" in Nankai Namba
Station in 2023 and the promenade on the Dotonbori River, the sidewalks were also expanded on the Midosuji road, leads to the square. The whole area of Namba is being reorganized as a pedestrian-first town. I have been working to make Namba a lively and an exciting city, using these three public spaces, and in the future, I’m planning to expand those movement from Namba to the southern area, and strongly promote the establishment of the base around Shin-Imamiya area, for collaboration between Brooklyn and Osaka.



CEO of COLBIO GROUP Co., Ltd., where lead the Civiltech business and brand production business. From 2022, the Digital National Project with Cabinet Office starts in Chichibu city, Saitama. Graduating from high school, I started an English training business for executives in 2015 (at the age of 19) and transferred the business in 2017. Subsequently, I founded multiple startups in the SportsTech and HRTech domains. From 2019, I took over the family business in the construction industry.



As a copywriter and creative director at Dentsu Inc., he was in charge of Shiseido, Suntory, HONDA, Nissin Foods, United Nations, UNIQLO, Coca-Cola, Asahi Breweries, and others. Winner of national and international advertising awards. He has experience in revitalizing national and world brands such as Nisshin Chicken Ramen and Coca-Cola. He is also the founder of a school company that applies the creativity of advertising to education. Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University and Joshibi University of Art and Design, visiting professor at Taisho University.

Sachiyo Hotta


She is a Principal, Tax Services, at EOS Accountants LLP, where she focuses on serving Japanese-owned companies doing business in the U.S. She has a unique blend of practical tax and accounting experience and has been involved in business advisory and consulting services. Previously, she worked in the financial industry, including asset management and investment banking covering cross-border transactions in the capital markets. She is a Certified Public Accountant in New York and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. She enjoys Japanese tea ceremony, Ikebana and Aikido.


Advisory Board



He has long been associated with cultural and fusion interchange between Japan and USA. Mr Globus has sponsored events at various eminent institutions including Japan Society and Asia Society and at many other NYC/Metro locations. His scope includes tea ceremony, dance, theater, cinema, art, craft, music, and performance groups. Currently, the Globus Film Series is an annual event at Japan Society specializing in classic and contemporary Japan cinema.



Born in 1948 Former employee of Okuidumo Town, former sales director of Okuidumo Nita Rice Co Ltd, former director of NPO Sakura Orochi, vice-chairman (and director) of the Okuidumo Tane Nature Museum, director of the Okuidumo Tourist Association, director of the Kabeya Shuseikan Foundation, general chairman of Igamu Shrine.



COO of Cultech Inc. and advisor to Ueroku Printing After graduating from Seijo University, he worked for Yoshida Printing, a family-owned business that specialized in high-end, innovative packaging for pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and cosmetics. In 1979, he moved to New York and established Yoshida Printing, bringing the cutting-edge technology of Japanese printing to the US market.  Yoshida Printing , which was renamed Cultech Inc, became recognized as one of the most premier manufacturers for high-end cosmetics, fragrances, and liquors. He continues to contribute to Cultech Inc.’s success, most prominently with key Japanese accounts such as Shiseido. He continues to be a long time advisor to Ueroku Printing, a high-end packaging company based in Osaka specializing in liquor and cosmetics.


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