Artist Residency Program
The Artist Residency Program of J-Collabo focuses on artists from Japan, to develop their practice through research and experimentation. The programming will provide opportunities for the artist to meet fellow artists, curators, institutions and communities, as they explore new perspectives, discover and cherish ones own uniqueness, as they enrich the lives of all they encounter. 


Born in Shimane, Japan
Lives and Works in Brooklyn, NY

Program period: Apr. – Dec. 2022

Nomura’s work explores the physical and mathematical underpinnings of the natural world and our cosmos. Early works engaged Fibonacci sequences and mathematical ratios in the development of two-dimensional images of natural phenomena. Since 2010, Nomura’s practice has expanded into the development of conceptual projects and installations that engage the viewer as an active participant in exploring the underpinnings of perception.


News Review “The Given Universe and the Days of Wonder” at the Iwami Art Museum of Shimane Prefecture, Tokyo Art Beat (July 2022)

Photography: Davi Russo

PION video (courtesy of Studio Yasuo Nomura)


April 9, 2022 Open Studio