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J-COLLABO presents an exhibition of the work of photographers Miori Inata, Osamu Shimoda and Megumi Iwada. This collection features images of the Ise-Jingu and Izumo-Taisha shrines, the most prestigious Shinto Shrines in Japan which have existed for over 2000 years.

MIORI INATA (photographer)

Miori Inata, is a renowned photographer based in Japan. After she worked
as a fine arts teacher in Tokyo, she moved to New York City and lived there for 17 years. Her essential works include the photos taken at the Ise Grand Shrine, and she exhibits them internationally along with pictures taken at holy places all over the world.“What I was impressed by the most at the Ise Gra nd Shrine was the belief that nature protects us, and we are part of it,” Inata said. She was surprised to learn from a Shinto priest of the Ise Grand Shrine, that light can’t exist without deep darkness, which is called “jouan” in Japanese. She has got a Shinto cultural prize in 2015.

J-Education Open Classes

J-COLLABO offers several classes, Sado, Shodo, Judo, Japanese language and Origami etc. We provided free open classes with several our instructors, and a lot of participant experienced Japanese Culture.

OSAMU SHIMODA ( Sculptor 1924-2000 )

Mr. Shimoda created his works based in New York and many of his works are displayed in various museums and cities.
His main piece has been installed in 1977 at the front of the Kings Borough Community College, Brookyn where he had a working studio once


After he had passed away in 2000, his posthumous workes donated to The Okuizumo Steel Sculpture Museum, Okuizumo Shimane.

MEGUMI IWATA (photographer)

Megumi Itata has came across and got interested in TATARA while getting in touchwith the wisdom of Japanese people in creating and producing purely out of nature material things. She has began taking pictures of “Nittouho- Tatara” Society of the presentation of Japanese Art Sword in 2006. ‘TATARA” wakouShimane, Yasugi, Bizen Osafune Japanese sword museum, Okayama, Gallery Q in Ginza and Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo. In 2011, She publised First Edition of “Photo-collection on Tatara.”

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