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#13:Beauty in Heritance

Exhibition 1 : Kasama-yaki by Artisans from Kasama

Exhibition 2 : Waglass by Mitsuyasu Yokota

Workshop 1 : Kodo by Hikaru Omi tea ceremony

November 8, 2015 

Kodo workshop was one of the unique J Collabo event collaborated with Tea Ceremony.

We have more than 40 participants from Brooklyn and Manhattan. Kōdō (香道, “Way of Fragrance”) is the art of appreciating Japanese incense which originated from ancient China, Japanese incense ceremony involves using incense within a structure of codified conduct.Kōdō is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, along with kadō for flower arrangement, and sadou for tea and the tea ceremony.

Workshop 2 : Tate by Sengiku Bando

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