Miwa is a professional Japanese modern artist.

Born and raised in Nagano with rich nature and various animals, she has made art works with the theme of her unique views on life and death from

the animals that she encountered when she was little. Receiving reviews of prai...

Shikou Yoshida is a puppeteer at the Awaji Puppet Theater Company, one of the biggest and most successful puppet troupes from the early 17th to mid 20th century. Shikou joined the Theater Company upon graduating from junior high school on Awaji Island where he started...

Naoki Kusumi is a third generation traditional plaster artisan or “Sakan” in Japanese. His work ranges from projects at commercial buildings, residences, and educational facilities to restoration of Japanese treasures including Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto. Nao...

Seikou Kaneko, a calligraphy teacher living in New York, was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She taught music at both elementary and middle schools in Japan for over twenty five years. In addition, she has been learning calligraphy for more than fifty years. In 1981, she moved...

Interview with Miori Inata

Miori Inata is a renowned photographer based in Japan. After she worked as a fine arts teacher in Tokyo, she moved to New York City and lived there for 17 years. Her essential works include the photos taken at Ise Grand Shrine, and she exhibit...

Interview with Keishi Ikeuchi

Keishi Ikeuchi, President of Ikeuchi Organic, was born in 1949 in Imabari in Japan. In 1983, he succeeded the presidency of Ikeuchi Towel from his father, who passed away right after Keishi decided to leave Panasonic, where he had worked si...

Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder of teamLab, was born in Japan in 1977. Shortly after graduating from University of Tokyo in 2011, he established teamLab with his friends. teamLab is a group of specialists from various backgrounds including engineers, programmers, CG animators...

Interview with Miyako Ishiuchi

Miyako Ishiuchi, a receptionist of the 2014 Hasselblad award, is an internationally renowned Japanese photographer. She was born in 1947 and grew up in Yokosuka, which was influenced by a postwar American military base. Her recent work inc...

Interview with Moyoco Anno

Moyoco Anno is an award-winning manga artist and writer. She has published dozens of renowned titles such as Happy Mania, Sakuran and Sugar Sugar Rune. In recent years, Moyoco Anno has been very active in the international manga community, att...

Interview with Fuminori Nakamura

Fuminori Nakamura is a 35-years-old Japanese novel writer who has won several awards such as the Akutagawa Prize, and the Kenzaburō Ōe Prize. Not only in Japan but also in currently 9 countries in America, Europe, and Asia, his works are...

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