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#6:Japan Week

March 19-21, 2013 at Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall

Japan Week 2013 was inspired by the Japanese “on-the-go” lifestyle theme. It was an annual celebration of Japanese culture and cuisine in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal organized by JNTO, JTA and some Japanese companies. They introduced the audience with the nuances of Japanese travel culture, including ekiben, or special train-station bento boxes containing regional dishes, and tachinomiya, standing bars featuring a range of sake and shochu. Entertainment includes cultural performances and cooking demonstrations scheduled throughout the three days. This time, J-COLLABO provided several performances for Japan Week.

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アンカー 1

BELLA GAIA: Origin Stories of Japan by Kenji Williams(Creative Directon, Compose, Violin), Tenri Gagaku Orchestra(Gagaku), Hitoshi Sagaseki(Produce)

Mukashi Banashi by Yoko Furusho(Art Directon), Rena Nakachi Simkowitz(Reading), Hitoshi Sagaseki(Produce)

Hagoita Buttle by Fumio Tashiro(Creative Directon) and Water Brain

EDO ITO AYATSURI (NEW Collaboration Performance1)

Performance by Mitsuru Kamijo (Puppeteer), Kumiko Fukuda(Assistant), Kentaro Kikuchi(Dance), Kanji Segawa(Calligraphy), Yuichi Uchida (Creative Direction), Hitoshi Sagaseki (Produce), Video by Poolsidesign

KAOSHI (NEW Collaboration Performance2)

Performance by Satomi Shiroma (Makeup), Kana Kimura (Dance), Rie Nishikawa (Performance), Yumi Kurosawa (Koto), Yuichi Uchida (Creative Direction), Hitoshi Sagaseki (Produce), Yumiko Nishikawa (MC), Video by Poolsidesign


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