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The 5th Exhibition of Research on Washi and its Artistic expression.
Messages from the Birthplaces of Washi Japanese Handmade Paper


September 8th(Fri)–17th(Sun) 2017

From 2007 to 2017, we have been conducting research on Washi,
visiting many Washi birthplaces across the country of Japan and we founded
the Washi Art studio at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts and Toyota City Washi-no-Furusato, Aichi.
This “WASHI” exhibition at OSSAM Gallery and BBFL Gallery is a result of our 10 years studying research and efforts.

・The birthplaces of Washi, Japanese handmade paper Obara Washi.
We will exhibit various goods, original Washi, and Mikawa Morishita paper. This is unique to Obara with its production based on the craft techniques of Washi at the Toyota City Washi-no-Furusato.

・Shizen Kamisuki Studio
Mr. Tomoyasu Sato makes real Japanese Washi that will last for up to a thousand years after its made. We have received various advice and guidance from him in the study of Japanese Washi materials, up until now.

・Mikawa Morishita paper
It is made from a variety of raw materials. The Mikawa Morishita paper is used for living goods and art, as the Mino paper was once a paper mixed from the soil of Obara said to exist in the past and so on. 

・Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Japanese Washi studio
On the making of a Japanese paper factory in Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, and this year will be its eighth year. Focusing on the collaborative research with Toyota City, various artists have come to make Japanese handmade paper in order to create art works.

・Understanding and using Washi
New developments by artists. This is the work of the artists who have participated in the research of Washi and the birthplaces of Washi.  Washi works, paintings, illustrations, printmaking, etc. 

・Read Tatsukichi Fujii
Tatsukichi Fujii has contributed to the artistic activities of Toyota City Obara. We will exhibit art works inspired by his design collections of dyeing creations, weaving, etc.


Exhibitor: Tomoka Akimoto / Show Ota / Yuri Kawai / Haruna Ishiko / Honami Take / Tomohiro Koyama / Ruri Naitou / Yurika Toyomasu 

Haruka Mochizuki / Kazuhiro Mori / Zhou Ruigang / Miho Unoh / Mikako Suzuki / Yasuko Asada / Miki Morikawa / Aki Yamamoto / Sachiko Kinoshita / Koji Shibazaki / Choi Yunjeong / Atsuko Toyama / Haruka Suzuki / Akiko Iwata / Yasuyo Suzuki / Yuki Okada / Ami Kuroda / Yasuaki Minami / Sonoko Oda / Kensuke Sakakibara / Nami Nakasone / Riyo Sonobe / Row Togashi  / Tomoyasu Sato


Dyeing paper experience

Cyanotype (photography technique) on Washi: Tomohiro Koyama

Drawing on Washi: Yasuko Asada
Postcard making

#17:Washi 2017

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