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1st Annual Group Exhibition from December 8 - 23th 2017
【Showcase: December 9th (Sat) 1-5pm】

J-COLLABO is pleased to announce our 1st Annual Group Exhibition & Showcase by our Artist program members from December 8 to 23, 2017. We are showing 60+ art works by J-MEMBER for Artists, and showcase for performing artists is on December 9th(Sat), 1 to 5pm. 
On showcase, during Exhibition opening, we'll have various performers such as musician, calligrapher, paper cutting artist, poet... and so on. J-COLLABO Holiday party is held as after party of exhibition opening and we announce winners of award.



Cartoon style portrait by RF3RD

Holiday Party

Guest Performer: Mr. Reed and Kenji Williams
MC: AK - Akemi Kakihara
DJ: Dan Grunebaum(SAIKO)

#18 Group Exhibition and Showcase 2017

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