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#05:The art of Japanese Beauty

On Friday May 11, enthusiasts of Japanese art and culture were treated to a rare event as J-COLLABO hosted an evening of demonstrations, performances, and tastings all exploring the subject of Japanese beauty. The Kaoshi master, Satomi Shiroma held a master class in ancient makeup techniques and applications used for centuries to create the charm and allure of Geisha and Kabuki. When she finished her demonstration, her model, the brilliant dancer Kana Kimura performed in full makeup, a stunning piece in collaboration with the calligrapher Kotaaro Hachinohe, performance artist Rie Nishimura and Koto musician Yumi Kurosawa. Tea service rituals and techniques were demonstrated by Soki Usui. LOVE JAPAN raised money for Japan disaster relief through a silent auction. The evening concluded with a second performance by the wonderful Yuko Takahashi dance company from Japan. The full effect was one of being transported through time to a festival in old Japan to witness the magic of Japanese culture and the art of Japanese beauty.

Friday, May 11, 6 to 9 PM at Audi Forum : 250 Park Avenue (at 47th Street), New York



Makeup Demonstration by Satomi Shiroma, (Moderator) Yumiko Nishikawa

Boundary Line

”Boundary Line”- A line is drawn. A boundary line comes into existence. If one line is drawn, two spaces are born. However, is it possible to clearly understand them both? Although the two spaces are separated, nothing can ever be completely split in half, and the boundary between them is always wavering. While approaching and leaving this boundary line, we move forward without faltering, while at times comparing things to the past, and at others, imagining the future. This performance will feature the boundary that one line will create. From the comparison of the two spaces straddling this line, from the drifting music, from the wavering dancers within everything, what will we capture with our eyes? At the same time, we may be experiencing a journey in which we confirm our places in this world.

Dance Performance by Kana Kimura, with music by Yumi Kurosawa, Rie Nishimura and Kotaro Hachinohe

Boundary Line

Charity Sales and Silent Auction to benefit Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort. (Performance by Yuko Takahashi Dance Company from Sendai.)


Hitoshi Sagaseki – Founder

Haruko Smith

Shuichi Tanaka

Kei Hirano

Nozomi Terao


Atsushi Kaneishi

Koraro Hachinohe

John Figueredo

Kimio Takeyama

Yasushi Sasaki

Mika Saito

Rena Suno

Linda Hoaglund

Joshua S. Levine

Shogo Nikaido


(Charity Sale and Silent Auction)

Mayuko Maruyama

Hikaru Katayama

Hinako Sugioka

Hitomi Yamaguchi

Keiko Yamashita


Leon H.Kalayjian


Eileen Ng

(Video and Photo)

Yui Uchida

Yu Nakajima

Dale Rio

(Biwa Studio)

Tomoya Hara

Shinichi Marutama

Jackson Notier

(Yuko Takahashi Dance Company)

Mizuki Miura

Ryo Munakata

Sayaka Ota

Mayuna Shimizu

Mana Takahashi

Yukiko Takahashi

Yuko Takahashi

Fusako Yamada

(Food and Drink)

Koji Hagihara

Zi Mei

Kendall Murano

Kazuko Nagao

Mami Nishide

Kyoko Takeyama

Chi Saka

Terry Sasaki

Yuka Yamashita

Teruo Yoshioka

Choco Yoshioka

This event is being made possible with support from

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