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#9-2:Winter 2014

J-COLLABO held two Winter Festivals for Artists from Japan & NY and Kids in Park slope.

The audiences enjoyed uniquely constructed a multi disciplinary art showcase or games at J-Collabo’s 3500 square feet with seatings on three sides experimental space, J-LABO Brooklyn.

Original Performance and Art Showcase by Artists from Japan & NY

J-COLLABO held its first Winter Festival on Saturday November 8th with an exciting variety of performances and exhibits including contemporary dance, collaborative art and photography exhibits, a Japanese magic show and a reading of Japans oldest historical essay “The Tale of the Pillow”.



J-Collabo presented works by Yuki Kawahisa (Dance-Monologue), Rio Koike (MC/Creative Japanese Magic), Maki Kitahara (Comtemporary Dance), Seiren Aoi (Japanese Calligraphy Live Performance), Kei Ota & Brian Broderick (Collaborative Art Installation), Chiyo Abe (The Oldest Historical Japanese Essay “Makurano-soushi: the tale of the pillow” Reading), Jeremy Hoare/Kyoto Photo Gallery (Photography), and all artists had taken full advantage of the experimental possibilities afforded by J-LABO’s space.


With such a vibrant and diverse selection of contemporary Japanese artists from Japan and here in NY, J-Collabo’s adventurous on-going programming opened new door of culturally enlightening experience for both artists and audiences.

Participated Performing Artists:

(From right)


Rio Koike (Magician/Comedian)

Maki Kitahara & Makoto Saito (Contemporary Dance)

Yuki Kawahisa (Dance-Monologue)

Chiyo Abe/Fujisankei Communications International, Inc. (Reading)

Seiren Aoi (Calligraphy Artist)

Jeremy Hoare / Kyoto Photo Gallery

presented a carefully selected collection of fine art photographic images taken in and around the cultural capital of Japan by leading photographers Jeremy Hoare and Chizuko Kimura. For more information at

Presentation by Kyoto “MIYABI” products

Traditional crafts/Miyabi products, curated by the city of Kyoto in Japan, was displayed. Audiences experienced contemporary elegance inspired by ancient Kyoto.

Pleasant chat! Artists, Audiences and presenters from Kyoto.


MYKITCHEN IN BROOKLYN provided AMAZAKE workshop at 3rd floor and introduced Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

Amazake dates from 250 AD and it is mentioned in The Chronicles of Japan, the second oldest book of classical Japanese history. It is part of the family of traditional Japanese foods made using koji and the koji mold that includes miso, soy sauce, and sake. Amazake is believed to be very nutritious, can be used as baby food, a dessert, snack, natural sweetening, dressing, smoothie and more.

Kanami Chocolate with Ippodo NY

Kanami Chocolate collaborated with Kyoto-based purveyor of premium Japanese green tea, Ippodo NY which has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries.


Guests enjoyed a sumptuous blend of silky smooth richness paired with the subtle bitter sweetness of organic chocolate.

Special thanks to Mizu Shochu


Mizu Shochu is proudly distilled by the Munemasa Shuzo Co. of Arita, Japan. While honoring the traditional shuzo methods, Munemasa is driven by a passion to craft the unexpected and to create shochu of uncommon character. Founded in 1985, Munemasa infuses creativity, innovation and a unique perspective into the traditional Japanese spirit.

All Photos:

Kimio Takeyama

Shinji Kasahara

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