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Our theme this season is “HERITAGE”, in particular Japanese fairy tales which have been used for handing down the Japanese sense of beauty, customs, lessons, and social norms, etc. from generation to generation. These will be rendered in an unprecedented way. In general, they arewritten in such media as picture books and picture card shows, but this time, artists in New York will try various approaches by using new media and reviewing traditional methods.

Sakurasakura, Akatonbo, Konomichi…

Japan has a rich heritage of folk song, but the history of folk music is extremely complicated and tangled. “Sakura sakura(cherry blossoms)” is a traditional song depicting spring. “Aka-tonbo(red dragonfly)” is a popular nursery song. “Kono-michi(This Path)” is written by Hakushu Kitahara who was a leading Japanese poet.
Kana Kimura performed beautifle dance, inspired by 3 folk songs Sakurasakura, Akatonbo and Konomichi, with L’ensemble de Sèto.

Created By
Kana Kimura (Dance)
L’ensemble de Sèto, directed by Toshiyuki Shibata. (Flute and Harp)
Kotaro Hachinohe (Photograph)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Direction)


The Crane Wife is also a very popular Japanese folktale. It has been made into plays, movies, and an opera. This time, Yoko Furusho performed live painting on the antique kimono.

Created By Yoko Furusho (illustrator)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Director)

Augment x J-collabo


Maya performed the beautiful Japanese fairy tale “WHY THE SEA IS SALT” from our IPad Picture book apps. The interactive children’s book collaborated with illustrator

Yoko Furusho with The Night Bear Studio. (Here, a message from Yoko Furusho)
I selected the stories very carefully about “learning” in the old stories. Old folk tales usually have “learning” to the children. I was very amazed because I leant something from the stories as like the past children learnt. So I was thinking about this theme of how I can teach something with my style of illustration to the children now. That was the theme of this project “heritage”. For “Why the Sea is Salt”, that story tells us about the heart of helping each other and kindness. This is very warm kind story I believe. I hope it will tell something to the children now.

Created by
Maya Nakanishi(Naration)
Yoko Furusho (Art Directon)
Shota Imai : The Night Bear Studio (Creative Directon/ UI design)
Yuske Yasuda : The Night Bear Studio (IPad development)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Direction)

The Night Bear Studio x J-collabo

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