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The first live performances by a Geisha in Brooklyn! Famed Nara Geisha Kikuno came to NYC to demonstrate this ancient artform.

Geisha history spans over 300 years. Their beauty and grace is legendary as is their exceptional skill in music, dance and entertainment. In spite of a near worldwide fascination, the number of Geisha is decreasing year by year. Geisha Kikuno is dedicated to finding new approaches to promote Geisha history to the next generation.

UTAGE Festival at J-LABO Brooklyn on September 7th


Geisha Kikuno, performing artist Läle Sayoko, and a Gagaku Orchestra will perform with interactive visuals by creative technologist Tyler Parker. Directed by Multimedia Director Kenji Williams (BELLA GAIA), with a theme of “KIDOAIRAKU”.(the full gamut of emotions)ki = joy; do = anger; ai = misery; raku = pleasure

“Misuzu Suite”

Geisha Kikuno performs a dance to a multi-movement suite composed by Kento Iwasaki, utilizing Kaneko Misuzu’s poetry. Music performed by soprano/violinist Hirona Amamiya and kotoist/composer Kento Iwasaki.



UTAGE-PARTY at Globus Washitsu on September 6th

This was an exclusive event in collaboration with GLOBUS WASHITSU.

Guests has experienced a tea ceremony conducted by Master Souheki Mori of Tea Whisk, Kikuno’s performance with Kento Iwasaki, Koto player, and a demonstration by craftsmen from Ishikawa prefecture. Sake and food was served and guests will receive a special gift bag. 50 guests by invitation only.

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