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#13 Brooklyn -RF3RD-

“The Brooklyn Girl”

close up
close up

This Brooklyn girl is magical!!!  Unaware that she is changing the environment around her, she is more concerned with the latest message from her best friend.  Levitating to her next destination, her companion beside her is trying to get her attention. If she doesn't stop, we all will start floating! 

The Brooklyn girl illustration is attempt to capture some of the nuances of Brooklyn, often experienced during my ventures.  The girl represents us, the artist, being so focused on craft and moving around and about, we neglect the power we hold.  We create change where ever we go!  We (artist) are gifted with creativity, which brings life, a different energy to the neighborhoods in which we reside.  Change itself being a double edged sword, containing both positive and negative effects, it helps with the balance of life.  Without either side, we cannot experience the other.

The music selection was a piece I created in an attempt at the contemporary style of hiphop. Heavy on bass and rolling high hats, I wanted to add my techno influence with a more obscure melody. Trying to create a balance of excitement and yet tranquility.  

Richard Ford III (RF3RD)

Born in Detroit, MI.,  Richard works as an illustrator and graphic designer in New York. Stylistically drawn to the aesthetics of anime and manga, he compliments his illustrations with his background of street art, giving his characters attitude, yet a hint of cuteness that reflects strongly his character and personality.

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