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#13 Brooklyn -Yushi Dangami-

“Snow remain / Red brick / Soaring bird”

DANGAMI painting NY

Memory is the basis to art. 
We as humans are always keeping inside what lies within and in some shape or form we feel the need to project it onto the future. 
Like so, painting is the physical output of memory.
In other words, artists use paint strokes to recall and remember the past.
Even if an artist paints what is in front of them, they are always recalling the subject in their mind. Thus by nature the subjects can never escape the past.
This in turn symbolizes the fact that we can unable to fully grasp a beautiful memory.

Today, when I look back - only dull colors and rhythms remain.
Then I find myself painting. 
Probably to continue on living. 

「Snow remain / Red brick / Soaring bird」

I visited Brooklyn in the winter.
The singular color and the red bricks are what stood out to me from city that holds numerous former warehouses; the buildings altered so greatly from its original purpose.
The contrast of the burnt red and the modern black and white interior are clear in my memory.
Other times I would look up and see the blue sky against the red bricks. Perhaps due to the buildings being a lot shorter compared to Manhattan.
Nothing else remains in my mind but a white blank. 
But now that I think back - it may have been the snow.


Yushi Dangami

Born1995 in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture
Attends Musashino Art University, Oil Painting Degree 

2017 “Interval” Ginza Gotou Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
         “Surface Tension/About Misreading” W+K+ Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
         “Visions of the Sea and the Person” Akasaka Sougetsu-Kaikan (Tokyo, Japan)
         “Demand/The Wish to Love the Letter” Gallery 3 (Tokyo, Japan)
         “About the Wound/Distance to the Stars” Gallery Conceal (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 “Epave” Gallery Cafe 3 (Tokyo, Japan)
2015“Water of Pain/Roof Leak in a Room” TRANS ARTS TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)


Group Exhibitions
2017 “_Lo/WAVEII” NOH/WAVE Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
         “_Lo/WAVEII” ABEND Gallery (Denver, USA)
         “Japanese emerging artists exhibition 10th” WAH Center Brooklyn(New York, USA) 
         “Exhibition of Bones” Shinjuku Isetan Art Center (Tokyo, Japan)
         “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA” Hotel Okura Fukuoka (Fukuoka, Japan) 
         “Distance to the Back of the Canvas” Gallery Main (Kyoto, Japan) 
         “J-COLLABO exhibition” J-COLLABO Brooklyn (New York, USA) 
2016 “Mountain on the Window” Shinjuku Ganka Garou (Tokyo, Japan)
         “PIGALLE KOYAMA BROOKLYN” Meguro Warehouse Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 
         “Bakeraku” Daikanyama Hill Side Terrace Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 
         “Young Creators Award 2016” MI Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
         “International Art Fair Tokyo 2016” Omotesando HIlls O space (Tokyo, Japan) 
2015 “Before and After” Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum (Kagoshima, Japan) 

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