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#13 Brooklyn -Rihomi Sato-

“Intensity of wants”

chicken broccoli

What is your desire. I called it Intensity of wants. Why people create art and spend a lot of money to buy it, hung it on the wall and show to people. for what? Power? Money? Knowledge? Admire? Respect? Fun? Empty space? Or just love.
 This is a question. You want to have art work same as have a beautiful blond hair? Six packs? Eat expensive Edomae sushi?
Mercedes Benz? Cool friends? Sleep like a log? A house on the beach? Big ass? Chanel bag or Prada Bag? A bachelor’s degree?
Party and Drunk? Wealthy parents? Heaven of orgasm? A Selfie picture better than in real for Tinder? Live in Brooklyn?
Compliment, “ You are dope! “ ?

Is that same desire? Let’s go further more.

Rihomi Sato

Rihomi Sato’s central concern is humans and their thoughts as biological, physical creatures: instincts and desires, impulses, complexities, and identities.  She seeks truths through painting, drawing, and mixed media.  

She considers how people interact and deal with their environment, whether natural or artificial and contrived, using product magazines, newspapers, pictures, clothes, and plastic. She synthesizes the mundane with ephemeral thought, exploring contrasting perspectives and meanings through her art. 

Her work expresses the centrality of emotion to human existence and exposes humanity’s wild side. She experiments, taking action, eating, or creating something driven by her desire and momentary impulses. Rihomi’s work is driven by spontaneity. It embraces the unexpected as an opportunity to comprehend both humanity’s and her own driving interests.  

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