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#13 Brooklyn -Yasuko Asada-

“They came from over the sea”

Yasuko Asada
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I stayed in Brooklyn three  weeks in September, last year.
At that time I went Brooklyn flea markets in three times and got some dolls to paint pictures.
Also I got some maps and posters which have various patterns.
I put them into frames and paint the images on the glass of that frames.
This year I will have a solo show with a motif of Brooklyn toys that I got there and the title of the show is “They came from over the sea”

Yasuko Asada

My works are connected with my daily life, also they relate with the exhibition spaces. I paint objects on empty package boxes, traditional Japanese papers and used clothes. I try to make site-specific installations in my shows. Basically I set up not only my works but also the small objects. I would like to make the comfortable spaces that viewers want to stay there long time. They look like diaries for me. 

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