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#13 Brooklyn -Bochun Cheng-


Earphones-close up
Earphones-close up


pancake-close up
pancake-close up

“Full size bed”

full size bed
full size bed-close up
full size bed-close up

Since I've been NY, I met a few people. During our conversation, I found out even though New York have almost everything, 
one of the biggest cities in the world, people who are foreigners here still feel hard to make real friends. (e.g. You have no idea 
the friend you just met today might leave next few days) Me, as a single man, strongly agree with this. Thus, I try to keep the
 moment I have shared with my friends (who left already), but show it as the feeling of loneliness.

Bochun Cheng

An artist and fashion photographer based in New York, He concentrates in relationship and feeling between people.

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