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#13 Brooklyn -Akiko Sgawa-

“Ancient times”

いにしえ Ancient

In the faint glances,
subtle gestures,
and casual remarks...
In the aloofness and coldness
of the universe that surrounds us...
There I sense grace nurturing my whole body and soul
by Akiko Segawa

“The Wind Rises”


From day to day, I encounter little things that are interesting, amusing, and/or touching.
I let them sit and play around in my mind until they mature to form a synthesis.
My fidgety hands start moving.
My mind starts cruising around galaxies to find a spot, very still, tranquil, and in a way
nostalgic, where I am no longer disturbed or swayed.
Arrogance, dependence, slight resentment, isolation -- - all these things tangled up in my
soul come lose and disappear.
Then, something begins to take shape in my hands.
It is a long, repetitive process of creating a piece of work. But when it is complete, it fills me
with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.
Creative work continues to guide, discipline, and enrich my life and spirit.

Akiko Segawa

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
1984 Began studying the basics of doll Sculpture 
1986   First solo exhibition (in Hamamatsu)
~a lot of solo and group exhibitions at gallery or Art Museum
(All over Japan:Tokyo, Nagoya, Gifu, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto, other )


International Exhibition
94:Germany , 99:Korea, 04:Korea
1992,94,95,97,2000 YUZAWAYA Creative Grand Prize Exhibition  (Tokyo)
2007 New face Award of The Modern Art Association
2010 Excellent Award of The Modern Art Association
(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) 
2011 Grand prix of The Modern Art Association/ Sompo Japan encourage  Award  (Togo Seiji Museum:Tokyo)

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