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1962  Born in Tokyo, in Japan


Selected exhibition
2017  The 5th exhibition of Research on Washi and its artistic expression/NY
2013  Aichi prefecture University satellite gallery / Nagoya “Wavy Banner 2013” / ET4U            / Denmark
2012  Contemporary art in Toyohashi / Aichi art program / Aichi
2007  Foundation Nagoya 2007 / Nagoya citizen gallery Yada / Nagoya
2003  Symposium international d’art contemporain d Baie-Saint-Paul / Canada 
          Vous etes ici ! / Le centre d’expoition de Baie-Saint-Paul / Canada
2000  “THE FIRST MOVE” / Tokyo International Hall / Tokyo
2000  Focusing on creation Vol.22 / Gallery 21+Yo / Tokyo

My works are connected with my daily life, also they relate with the exhibition spaces. I paint objects on empty package boxes, traditional Japanese papers and used clothes. I try to make site-specific installations in my shows. Basically I set up not only my works but also the small objects. I would like to make the comfortable spaces that viewers want to stay there long time. They look like diaries for me. 

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