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“ The Crane Wife”

The Crane Wife


Once upon a time, a kind man saves a crane from a trap. Moved by his kindness, the crane transforms herself into a woman’s figure and weaves the most beautiful cloth in the world with her feather --- one of the most beloved Japanese folktales “The Crane Wife” is reborn as an interactive eBook for the iPad application. 

To maintain the essence of classic Japanese beauty, all illustrations are drawn by traditional methods such as etching, ink, and watercolor on Japanese paper. 

The interactive picture book “The Crane Wife” is a modern approach to the classic Japanese folklore and will bring you fresh surprises with many playful touch panel tricks.

Yuriko Katori

Japanese artist working in Brooklyn, NY. Received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NY and her BA in Literature from Waseda University in Tokyo.

Her recent exhibitions include Kokoro Studio in San Francisco, National Arts Club in New York, and The Pyramida Centre for Contemporary Art in Israel. 

Her works will be featured on the issue 9 of the art magazine Carrier Pigeon.


Art Direction : You

Illustration : Yuriko Katori

Produce : Hitoshi Sagaseki

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