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Sengiku Bando

From the early age of three, Sengiku Bando began studying Japanese Traditional Dance, known in Japanese as “Nihon Buyo”. Later, at the age of 15, she inherited the name “Sengiku” (fan and chrysanthemum) while studying at the School of Bando-Ryu, one of the most prestigious schools of Nihon Buyo.


Early in her career, she was able to gain valuable experience through her performances with “Roman Gekijo”, a theatre troupe founded by Yukio Mishima, the famous novelist-dramatist.

As Sengiku continued to perform traditional dance, her interests in other forms of theatrical expression led her to join more contemporary performances as well.


Sengiku has worked together with many artists to create a variety of new productions. Because of her unique cutting edge compositions and unparalleled expression, she has gained great respect world wide.


After her well received one month public performance during Festival d’Avignon , Sengiku went on to enjoy two more successful guest performances. One with the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris and one with the Moscow Maly Theater.


Her current performance and workshops span 16 different countries, and 23 different cities.

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