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“ Saru Kani Kassen”

“ Saru Kani Kassen”


Old tales were told by ordinary people era by era..

Tales reflect the times and life style in those days.

So that made old tales more interesting to know.

It is very important to tell the story exactly as it was.

In “Saru Kani Kassen” , a monkey which attacked a crab was revenged terribly.

I cheked several picture books and knew every books has the same ending which the monkey was revenged at the end of the story.

I understand old tales should be told as they were but this time I wanted to change the ending a little.

It is just my wish.

Kaori Nakanishi

Japanese paper cutting artist baced in Tokyo.

Her work are used as an illustration for magazines , books.

she offers her designs for various companies.


Art Direction : Yoko Furusho

Illustration : Kaori Nakanishi

Produce : Hitoshi Sagaseki

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