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#13 Brooklyn -Kaoru Kurimoto-

“Brooklyn Angel”

brooklyn angel1
brooklyn angel2
brooklyn angel3

The flag of Brooklyn is painted a girl with Fasces. That means pray for “unity of people” to construct a new town Brooklyn on the flat woodland in those days. During I was painting this picture, the memorial day of 3.11:The Great East Earthquake came in Japan.

I overlaid the image of Brooklyn on the image of TOHOKU (East Japan) that people struggle to revitalize land, cities and their
hearts own from great disaster. So I represented an angel in KIMONO clothes is looking up to the sky and stepping on the land powerfully. This KIMONO pattern is called “YAGASURI”, It is believed that is fortunate one. Because the arrow (YA) goes straight wherever.

Kaoru Kurimoto

Painter based on Saitama, Japan. Kaoru’s motivation for art is to know the fundamental story of origin of herself.
 She has always felt the urge to know what the world is and had certain difficulties to live in this world.  Kaoru’s theme includes to work on the potential of art that can give hope and treat to those who are depressed and unable to adapt well to the modern society.  

This wish has grown increasingly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.  
 Kaoru values and represents Japanese spirit, beauty and myths. She visits to sacred places in Japan and portray her feelings.

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