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From the age of 6 years old, Aoi Seiren started studying under Hiroyuki Nakajima, focusing on the artistic aspect of Japanese calligraphy. From 2013 and onwards, she has become an independent calligrapher artist, providing growth and a mysterious strength to particular Japanese words and the language itself. Just with a brush, Aoi depicts words and phrases with her feelings and thoughts, adding unique flavors and expressions as calligraphy art. Calligraphy art invokes the traditional concept of calligraphy, expressing oneself while diligently using its tools, techniques, and creative painting style. As she masters the use of various colourful inks, Aoi’s work, known as “Shodou” is reaching a worldwide audience sharing one of Japan’s oldest cultural arts. While she expands outside of Japan and within, Aoi actively continues to perform both collaboratively with other various artists, and independently.

2016.12 Aoi Seiren Exhibition, Beauty Fashion Labo, New York

2016.11 Japanese fan art Instructor, Japan Society, New York

2016.9~11 Ink painting instructor, J-Collabo, New York

2016. 9 Visiting instructor, PI art center, New York

2015.7 HandMade In Japan Festival, Tokyo

2015.3 Art Fair Tokyo

2014.12 Live drawing at St. Juliano, Tokyo 


2014.9 Projection Mapping at, Tokyo

2014.9 Live drawing at Ringo Festival, Nagano

2014.8 Live drawing at YAKUMO111, Tokyo 

2014.5 Live street drawing in NYC

2014.4 Collaboration live performance with medicinal cooking expert of Accel-inn, Tokyo

2014.4 Live drawing at Accel-inn, Tokyo

2014.3 Exhibition at Accel-inn, Tokyo

2013.10 Exhibition at Ikkyoan (registered cultural property), Tokyo. 

Interviewed for magazine “Sumi (the Geijutsu-Shinbunsha, Tokyo)”

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