the winners of 

Annual Group Exhibition/Showcase

2017 - 2019

Winners in 2019


Arina Oda

Mizukoshi Kiyotaka/Mozu


Tianlan Deng

(AKA Tillian)







Gold Prize

Air ticket

Solo exhibition  


Silver Prize

Mini exhibition


Bronze Prize

Online Group Exhibition



 Stephen Globus (Introduced as J-Collabo Advisory Boad) 
 Sacchi Shimoda (introduced as J-Collabo Board of Directors)
 Hitoshi Sagaseki (Introduced as J-Collabo Founder)

Winners in 2018

Residency Programs in Brooklyn

Solo Show in Tokyo

Sachiko Kinoshita

Takayuki Shimizu

Nelsena Burt-Spano

Mini Solo shows at BBFL Cafe

Group Show at BBFL Tokyo

Sei Yamazaki

Yuta Mihira

Sho Ota

Haruka Yamamura

Fumiaki Asai

Kaoru Kurimoto

Yasuko Asada

Richard Ford 3

Akito Nara

Brian Zimbler

Carol Dronsfield

Candace Browne

Leslie Marcus

Estevon Garcia

Collaborations for 2020


Koji Shibasaki

Winners in 2017

J-COLLABO Globus Family Award

Solo Show at BBFL Gallery, Event at Globus Washitsu, Accommodation at Ryokan, and Air ticket

Moe Nakase

Born in 1993, Kanagawa Prefecture.
She began her modelling career in 2015. Being inspired by her sculptor father, she started wondering about other forms of self-expression and eventually started to work as an artist.
Other than creating remarkable stipple arts with full compositions of miniscule dots on translucent tracing papers, she also focuses on Encaustic painting, illustrating vivid flows of colours using beeswax. Her various exhibitions are not only held in Tokyo but also in other locations and now her designs are being used in CD album covers as well.

J-COLLABO Wooly Award

Solo Show in Fukuoka, Japan, Accommodation and Air ticket

Akito Nara

Akito Nara paints abstract work, evoking the likenesses of creatures and other forms inspired from personal anecdotes and introspection. His self-portraits exist as interpretations of different facets of his spiritual self.Nara moved to New York City in 2013 from Yokohama, Japan.After that, his artistic journey has been largely without schooling. He made art performance for club event in Copenhagen, Denmark 2016. His first solo show was held in private room in Brooklyn, New York 2017. He also joined some group exhibitions in NYC and he's trying to have more opportunities for showing his art work.Nara is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

J-COLLABO O&S Institute Award

Solo Show at BBFL Gallery, and Studio Space


Koji Shibasaki

Yushi Dangami

J-Collabo Collaborators in 2018

We are trying to plan to have some events with them

Kenji Williums

Mr. Reed

Address: 300 7th street Brooklyn, New York 11215
Tel: 347-987-3217
Open daily from 11am to 7pm
4 minute walk from 4th Ave-9th St Station
4 minute walk from 9th St Station
2 minute walk from 5th ave/7th St Station