Exhibitions Solo shows
1987: Solo shows Gallery Iteza (kyoto,Japan)
2003: Solo shows Gallery Yada (Nagoya,Japan)
2004: Solo shows Gallery Nakai (kyoto,Japan)
2009: Solo shows heart field Gallery (Nagoya,Japan)
2005〜 Felt work solo shows (Exhibition every year)

Exhibitions Group shows
1982〜: Modern Art Association Exhibition (Exhibition every year)
2012: Espace Saint-Remi (Bordeaux,France)
2013: Espace Japon (Paris,France)
2016: 21Century Museum of Contemporary Art gallery (Kanazawa,Japan)
2017: Alex Adam Gallery (NY,USA)
2017: Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center (Indiana, USA)

1987. Modern Art Association Exhibition Life art Section Prize
2005. Modern Art Association Exhibition Fine work Prize

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