#6 Dance


The theme is “Mai: Dance”. The history of dance in Japan goes back to the mythological age. Since then, numerous numbers of dances have been created. Through them, people can learn various things such as history, language, and culture. The Shinto music and dance, traditional folk art, bon festival dance, folk song, noh (traditional masked dance-drama), and other Japanese dances have been conveyed to this day after

being refined by adding new techniques in each age. This time, two short films were produced based on Mai (dance).

Works lists

Director/FX/Editor: Oliver Power
Music: Johnny Green (feat: Mammals)
Cinematography: Shinichi Maruyama
Exec Producer: Hitoshi Sagaseki
Producer: Mitsu Hagiwara
Geisha: Akiko Chubachi
Dancer/Choreographer: Kana Kimura
Makeup: Satomi Shiroma
Hair: Yusuke Katsuki
Costume Designer: Malisa Masala / Inhouse Atelier
Stylist: Jake / Inhouse Atelier
Gaffer: Tomoya Hara
Lighting Technician: Nodoka Yamagata
DIT: Jackson Notier
Post Production Assistant: Joe Sinopoli
Studio and Production Services: Biwa Studio
Many thanks to all those who helped out on this project!

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