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#13 Brooklyn -Masako Matsuo-

“Midnight merry-go-round in Brooklyn”

This is a mandala art which I imagined from the merry-go-round of Jane's Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Midnight merry-go-round feels our imagination. They wake up at midnight. And ...

“Wishing for a bridge between US-Japan Friendship ...”

Brooklyn Bridge
Edo Bridge

These two paintings are a series drawn by imagining the "bridge of US-Japan friendship". 
Both Brooklyn Bridge and Edo Bridge have histories and symbol of the country. 
The fine gold mandala is the sun and symbolizes hope for peace.

Masako Matsuo

Born in Fukuoka. A multi-artist who transmits Japanese culture to the world.

She is a principal of art school, at the same time spends most of her time contributing social activities for the women and disability.
Her works are expressed by pottery, Bonsai Art and pen art.
"How art can make us happy?" she keeps pursuing.

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