Born and based in Fukuoka.

Started to learn Japanese-Calligraphy since he was 7 years old.

When over 20 years old, encountered avant-garde calligraphy -- beyond the  "characters"

Those free style expressions and the possibilities impacted on him greatly.

After that, he started to learn avant-garde calligraphy by himself and to release actively his works.

As a Japanese-calligrapher, he continues earnest attitude for mastering the great traditions and techniques. Also, as a avant-garde calligraphy artist who pursuits new expressions for setting himself free, he keeps on expanding his possibilities, and trying for change himself, as for his works.

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Address: 300 7th street Brooklyn, New York 11215
Tel: 347-987-3217
Open daily from 11am to 7pm
4 minute walk from 4th Ave-9th St Station
4 minute walk from 9th St Station
2 minute walk from 5th ave/7th St Station