Second biggest city following Tokyo with the center of economy in the Kansai region

Osaka prefecture is located in the Kansai region of the mainland island of Honshu. Osaka ranks the second in terms of population following Tokyo and it is the center of economy in the Kansai region.


After a capital was moved from Osaka to Tokyo in 17th century, Osaka flourished as a center for merchants and has developed its own culture. 

The most popular tourist spot is a downtown area called Dotonbori. A big billboard of a sweet company, Ezaki Glico along Dotonbori Canal occupies an building and it’s one of the signatures of Dotonbori.


Tsutenkaku is a landmark tower in Osaka and attracts people with a view of Osaka from its observatory. 

Current Tsutenkaku is the second generation that was rebuilt in 1956 after the original one went on fire.

Okonomiyaki - Japanese style pancakes made with flour, eggs, tempura scraps (tenkasu), cabbage, and pork belly slices with sauce and dried bonito flake and green dried seaweed on top

Takoyaki - famous street food in Osaka, which is made by flour, egg, octopus, and dark sweet takoyaki sauce.

Kushikatsu - skewers of deep fried meat and vegetables eaten by dipping once into sauce

Sakaiuchi Hamono are knives made in Osaka. To keep strength and sharpness of knives, it is made of the mixture of soft iron and metal. 

Osaka is a birth place of glass ware production. In the middle of 18th century, a merchant from Osaka brought a method of glass making from Nagasaki where it imported glass products from Western countries to Tenma area in Osaka. 


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