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Born and resides in Saitama in 1984.
Graduated from Gakushuin University.
Completed Musashino Art School, Specialist training course of paintings.

Kaoru’s motivation for art is to know the fundamental story of origin of herself.  She has always felt the urge to know what the world is and had certain difficulties to live in this world.  Kaoru’s theme includes to work on the potential of art that can give hope and treat to those who are depressed and unable to adapt well to the modern society.  This wish has grown increasingly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.  
  Her motifs include: Daily life scenes, being a woman, living in Japan , Japan nature and Japanese myth. Kaoru values the Japanese spirit and Japanese beauty. That is why she often represents Japan nature and myth as her theme. Recently she visits to sacred places in Japan and portray her feelings.
2011 Solo exhibition at Gakushita Coffee (Mejiro, Tokyo)
2012 Solo exhibition “Life,magic” at Gallery 219[Ni-i- ku] (Omotesando, Tokyo)
2013 Group exhibition “Atelier 111” (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
2014 Duo exhibition “Niji” at Gallery Yasashii Yokan (Meguro, Tokyo)
2016 Installation“Think of…3.11" & candle night at DROP BY Coffee (Takadanobaba,Tokyo)

2016 Group exhibition “Dolls+Small things” at Kagurazaka temame(Kagurazaka,Tokyo)
2017 Group exhibition “The11th 100 Artists Exhibition at Ouchi Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2018 Solo exhibition “HERSTORY” at H-Gallery (Tokorozawa, Saitama)

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