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Dyeing, Osaka University of Arts.

Originally from Ishigaki island, Okinawa, currently based in Fukuoka.
He keeps painting with acrylic, two-dimensional work mainly.

His works theme is “Kotodama” in Japanese, as meaning of the energy of words.

Words are made from what a person always thinks, and how a person feels.

Present is made from what his words of past.

Future will be made from what his words of present.

A person’s life is influenced from the words that he says all the time.

The energy of words... it can be the power that leads one’s life peaceful and brightly.  But also, it will be the threat that makes one’s life troublesome and hardship.
It depends on the words that you usually say.

Those energy of words is said “ kotodama” in Japanese.

Since long ago, Japanese believes it important way of thinking in life.

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