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The large production of fruits and wines at Kofu basin with a lot of sunshine

Yamanashi prefecture is located to the southwest of Tokyo on the island of Honshu.

Yamanashi is known for Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, and large production of fruits such as grapes and peaches thanks to the largest amount of sunshine it receives in Japan.

Kofu city, the capital of Yamanashi prefecture, is located in a large basin and known for Japanese wine production. 

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Samurai parade
Hoto - thick noodles with various vegetables in soup
Basashi - horse meat sashimi
Kofu dori motsuni - chicken gizzard, hearts, lever and kinkan cooked with soy sauce

Kofu city offers great night view of Kofu basin and also known as a home of Takeda Shingen, a samurai that ruled Yamanashi area in 16th century.


Shingen-ko matsuri is held every year in April to commemorate the death of Takeda Shingen in 1573. 

Jindai cherry blossom tree.jpg

Jindai cherry blossom tree is the oldest cherry blossom tree in Japan and possibly the oldest in the world. The tree was said to have been planted by Yamato Takeru, a Yamato dynasty prince, around the end of the 1st century. 


Jewelry industry has been flourished in Kofu city since the Edo period. In early 19th century, skillful jewelry craftsmen from Kyoto brought techniques of creation and polishing of jewelries by using crystals mined in Yamanashi prefecture.


Koshuinden is another popular local product in Yamanashi. These are products made by tanned deer skin with patterns drawn by vivid lacquer. It used be used for armor because deer skin is strong and fits to a body. Nowadays bags, belts, and wallets are made by using this technique. 

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