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Ski resort with a large number of hot springs and a spectacular view from Yamadera

Yamagata prefecture is located in the Tohoku region of Honshu island. It faces the Sea of Japan and is known for ski resorts. It’s a mountainous area and popular for hot springs across the prefecture. Yamadera temple is the most popular place to visit as it offers a spectacular view over Yamagata city among mountains. 


Yamadera, formerly called Risshakuji temple, is a Tendai sect temple founded in 860. As its named Yamadera, a mountain temple, the temple is located in mountains.


A long walk with thousands of steps lead you to a stunning view of Yamagata city.

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Zao is a popular ski resort and offers hot springs.  In summer, Okama center is a popular place to visit to see a beautiful crater of Mt. Zao, an active volcano and a lake. 


Yamagata has the No.1 production of cherries and Western pears in Japan. Each region in Yamagata has a different type of soba noodles.


Kasu jiu is another popular food in Yamagata. It’s soup made by rice wine made of rice in Yamagata with sliced Japanese radish, soy beans a salted salmon.


Tendo city is known for the most production of Tendo Shogi pieces. Shogi is a Japanese version of chess. It is characterized by black vivid letters on pieces that were written by black lacquer.


Yamagata cast iron is said to have a history of 900 years. Originally, Buddhist statues and daily items were made but as its technique developed, iron pot and a hot pot for tea ceremonies are also made. 

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Additive-Free Handmade Silk and Birch Soap


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This handmade soap is made from meticulously researched materials that are good for the skin. Ingredients include yakiyama stone from Akita, manuka honey from New Zealand, and more than 16 herbs, such as safflower, chamomile extract, lavender extract, and rosemary extract. There are no preservatives or petroleum used in this product. The soap is hand-kneaded, sending a personal message from the maker to the customer.

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