Ski resort with a large number of hot springs and a spectacular view from Yamadera

Yamagata prefecture is located in the Tohoku region of Honshu island. It faces the Sea of Japan and is known for ski resorts. It’s a mountainous area and popular for hot springs across the prefecture. Yamadera temple is the most popular place to visit as it offers a spectacular view over Yamagata city among mountains. 

Yamadera, formerly called Risshakuji temple, is a Tendai sect temple founded in 860. As its named Yamadera, a mountain temple, the temple is located in mountains.


A long walk with thousands of steps lead you to a stunning view of Yamagata city.

Zao is a popular ski resort and offers hot springs.  In summer, Okama center is a popular place to visit to see a beautiful crater of Mt. Zao, an active volcano and a lake. 

Yamagata has the No.1 production of cherries and Western pears in Japan. Each region in Yamagata has a different type of soba noodles.


Kasu jiu is another popular food in Yamagata. It’s soup made by rice wine made of rice in Yamagata with sliced Japanese radish, soy beans a salted salmon.

Tendo city is known for the most production of Tendo Shogi pieces. Shogi is a Japanese version of chess. It is characterized by black vivid letters on pieces that were written by black lacquer.


Yamagata cast iron is said to have a history of 900 years. Originally, Buddhist statues and daily items were made but as its technique developed, iron pot and a hot pot for tea ceremonies are also made. 

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