Spectacular view of the Japanese Alps throughout a year

Toyama prefecture is located in the Chubu region of honshu island along the Sea of Japan.


The Japanese Alps that lies across three prefectures including Toyama offers spectacular sceneries throughout a year.  

Hida mountains lie the middle of Honshu island over three prefectures including Toyama and due to its magnitude, it’s also called the Japanese Alps.

It is known for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.


The first stop along the Japanese Alpine road is Kurobe dam. As the construction was long and deadly, its architectural achievement is known all over the country. 

Amaebi - small sweet shrimps eaten in a raw condition
Hatsuumadango - cocoon-shaped dumplings eaten on the first day of horse (Hatsuuma) in February to pray for good fortune and good harvest
Kobujime - sandwiched sliced raw fish in Kobu, kelp, which is a traditional way of preserving fresh fish that has passed down since the Edo period.
Toyama has historically had an easy access to Kobu made in Hokkaido through trading ships called Kitamaebune.

Takaoka copperware has various items ranging from small indoor ornaments and vases to larger items such as Buddhist statues and temple bells.


Shogawa river was previously used as the transportation of timber from Hida area around 400 years, ago.


Shogawa area developed timber woodcraft production. 

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