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Unique scenery of Tottori Sand Dunes and the least population in Japan

Tottori prefecture is located in the Chugoku region of Japanese main island of Honshu. Its south side faces the Sea of Japan. Tottori has the least population in Japan.


It is widely known as unique scenery of beautiful Tottori Sand Dunes. 

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Tottori Sand Dunes offer an exotic sight with a view over the Sea of Japan. It was made over 100,000 years ago, and it is one of the biggest dunes in Japan.


Tottori is known for a birth place of Mizuki Shigeru, a beloved comic writer of “GeGeGe no Kitaro”, which is a story about Kitaro, the last surivor of the Ghost Tribe, and his friends of spirit-monsters.


Mizuki Shigeru Road that has 177 bronze statues of various characters from Shigeru’s comic books and his museum attract his fans.


Sakyu rakkyou-zuke - pickled chinese onions grown in Tottori Sand Dunes where it is said no crops are grown.

Nijisseiki Nashi - 20th century pears that are sweet and bit sour

Azuki soup zoni - soup with red beans and mochi normally eaten in the New Year

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Yumihama-Gasuri are fabrics made by natural cotton made in Yumigama area. Wives of farmers started to make it during downtime in 17th century. It is characterized by a vivid contract of indigo and white color and simple patterns. 

The production of Inshu Washi Paper started around 1,300 years ago and it appears as a collection of Shosoin Treasure Repository in Nara in 8th century. 

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