Capital of Japan with mixture of different faces from historic sites to modern and sub cultures. 

Tokyo prefecture is located in Kanto region of houshu island and is a capital of Japan since the Edo period that started in 1,600. Tokyo carries unique cultures that flourished in the Edo period  while it also has skyscrapers of offices and hotels.


Also, 330 islands in the Pacific Ocean have unique geography and nature due to mild weather throughout a year.

As a largest city in Japan, Tokyo has various area with different characteristics. Tokyo tower, the second tallest structure in Japan, is a symbol of Tokyo.


Ueno and Asakusa areas preserves vibes from Edo era from 1600 to 1867, which is a period that the government was located in Tokyo.

Young pop culture scenes are seen in Shibuya and Harajuku and Akihabara is known for electronics and Japanese subculture. 

Oden - boiled eggs, Japanese radish and fish cakes in hot broth

Monjayaki - grilled mixture of chopped cabbage, egg, meat, cheese, and seafoods

Bettarazuke - Japanese radish pickles 

Tokyo some-komon, which is also called Edo komon, is refers to small repeated patterns on kimono fabric. It has been developed when small patterns are dyed to samurai wear. Each samurai family came up with their unique pattern and used is as their symbol.


Edo kiriko is a traditional glass cutting that was originated in Tokyo in early 19th century. Originally transparent glasses were used but nowadays glass with a color is more popular. 



Japanese style leather ”wrapping” card case

TSUTUMU Card Case was designed by folding a piece of quality leather like origami through inspiration of Japanese gift wrapping tradition. The more you use it the more beautiful its leather texture color will be and it will add elegance to your business scene.

Leather purses that embrace locality and originality

Small genuine leather purses with a design of Sumida River were made for the celebration of 100th anniversary of AZUMAYA. You can open it by pressing a small metal tool on top, which can be made by only a few craftsmen as it requires a special technique. These purses carry the hope of this technique to be carried over to the next generation. 

Kimono Tumbler®

Asakusa Tatsumiya

Combination of traditional Japanese beauty and Western culture

It was made by a traditional kimono store with more than 80 years of history in Asakusa. Kimono tumblers let you enjoy  looking at beautiful design of silk kimono belts in your daily lives without buying expensive Kimono or kimono belts. The most beautiful patterns of kimono belts were carefully selected for the tumblers. 

Lyric Speaker


A speaker that visualizes lyrics for ultimate musical experience

Lyric speaker is a new type of speaker that lets you enjoy the combination of music and words while rediscovering the true power of the lyrics as it displays lyrics on a translucent screen. You can just download an app to your cell phone and play music when connected to wifi. Through real time analysis, the speaker automatically generates motion graphics and fonts based on the type of song.



Stylish cotton hand towels with a motif of Edo

IKIJI is a brand formed in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward by four long-standing fashion-related companies with the theme of “chic” and “playfulness” associated to culture in Edo Period. Tenugui, cotton hand towels decorated with motifs by Edo painters such as Katsushika Hokusai and Santo Kyoden, provides a smart and stylishlifestyle look.

multi color

kiito tokyo

Multi purpose make up item made by ingredients of silk

Kiito tokyo’s mission is to create make up items by using ingredients in silk, a powerful material that has been loved for a long time and eight kinds of plant-based oil and fat ingredients. Multi color can be used for eye color, lip, and cheek. Depending on your feeling for a day, you can choose different color or mix several colors. 

Riveret Bamboo Tableware

Nakayoshi Trading Co., Ltd.

Graceful like a gently flowing river, a life pattern that nature produces

These beautiful tablewares are crafted to convey the beauty of nature. Riveret craftspeople use woodworking technology cultivated over many years, producing tableware that looks delicate but is strong enough to be dishwasher safe. All Riveret products are made from natural Moso bamboo, a natural resource that can be continuously renewed on a minimum amount of land, making it an attractive sustainable product. The company practices the essence of monozukuri (design and manufacturing), managing as much of the process from start to finish as possible: growing the bamboo, manufacturing, shipping, and customer support.

Brady Rose Jelly

Organic Beauty Co., Ltd.

100% organic serum to bring beauty and happiness

A serum and cream featuring hydrating blend of natural pearl, honey, and jellyfish that are all organic with free from preservative, petroleum synthetic ingredients and synthetic fragrances to nourish skin. It is certified by BDIH, a German based NPO with high organic standards.



Beauty of Japanese letters, Hiragana

Hiragana is a brand created by a professional calligrapher, Saori Kunihiro, to share the beauty of Japanese unique letters, hiragana. In order to pass down the beautiful Japanese tradition, Saori made jewelries with a motif of hiragana.  

Mount Fuji - The Spiritual Peak of Japan


Pursuing the beauty of the formative arts of the Sengoku Period

Kensin specializes in the art of the Sengoku Period, or the Age of the Warring States in Japan. Using world-class modeling technology and map information issued by the Geographical Survey Institute, Kensin has accurately reproduced the first 3D terrain of Mt. Fuji, the spiritual peak of Japan.

Scerscin Rich Moisture Serum

Scramble Co., Ltd.

Focusing on the foundation of skin care

Scerscin is a booster serum that improves skin dullness caused by daily stress. With the increasing number of women with stress in line with their advancement in society, it is essential to approach the factors that cause stress internally and externally. 

Bamboo Cooler

ICCIKU Culture Value, Inc.

Carrying on old traditions and adapting them to the modern era

Legendary tea ceremony master Sen no Rikyu, who perfected the tea ceremony and elevated it to an art form, popularized the use of the bamboo flower vessel 450 years ago. In this style, ICCIKU has created the bamboo cooler. Using premium Japanese bamboo, ICCIKU’s bamboo cooler keeps wine and sake cool while adding an elegant and beautiful touch to your table.


Alhambra, Inc.

The culture and history of Japanese health and beauty from the Nara Era

The Nara Era (c. 710-794) saw the beginnings of herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and Japanese aromas take hold in Japan. With THERA, this herbal care is being modified and communicated to modern people with the goal of delivering Japanese healing to tired people in cities around the world. The brand takes inspiration from the Nara Kasuga Mandala, depicting the coexistence and prosperity of nature and people. 

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