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Capital of Japan with mixture of different faces from historic sites to modern and sub cultures. 

Tokyo prefecture is located in Kanto region of houshu island and is a capital of Japan since the Edo period that started in 1,600. Tokyo carries unique cultures that flourished in the Edo period  while it also has skyscrapers of offices and hotels.


Also, 330 islands in the Pacific Ocean have unique geography and nature due to mild weather throughout a year.

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As a largest city in Japan, Tokyo has various area with different characteristics. Tokyo tower, the second tallest structure in Japan, is a symbol of Tokyo.


Ueno and Asakusa areas preserves vibes from Edo era from 1600 to 1867, which is a period that the government was located in Tokyo.

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Young pop culture scenes are seen in Shibuya and Harajuku and Akihabara is known for electronics and Japanese subculture. 


Oden - boiled eggs, Japanese radish and fish cakes in hot broth

Monjayaki - grilled mixture of chopped cabbage, egg, meat, cheese, and seafoods

Bettarazuke - Japanese radish pickles 


Riveret Bamboo Tableware

Nakayoshi Trading Co., Ltd.

Graceful like a gently flowing river, a life pattern that nature produces


These beautiful tablewares are crafted to convey the beauty of nature. Riveret craftspeople use woodworking technology cultivated over many years, producing tableware that looks delicate but is strong enough to be dishwasher safe. All Riveret products are made from natural Moso bamboo, a natural resource that can be continuously renewed on a minimum amount of land, making it an attractive sustainable product. The company practices the essence of monozukuri (design and manufacturing), managing as much of the process from start to finish as possible: growing the bamboo, manufacturing, shipping, and customer support.

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JAT Inc.

2020 2nd session Award


TOMO GENSHIN is caffeine-free, organic brown rice tea that looks like coffee at first glance. In traditional Chinese medicine, charred brown rice is called “Genshin” and has long been believed to have benefits such as warming and detoxifying the body. Made of carefully roasted domestic organic brown rice, TOMO GENSHIN tea can be brewed like a dripped coffee. The Caffeine-free, organic and additive-free tea made entirely in Japan is also sold in Paris and Monaco, and is the only product for the Principality of Monaco’s royal warrant in Japan. Since it is caffeine-free, you can get true relaxation without disturbing your sleep. In Japan, various grains, animals and plants have been charred and used for folk remedies since ancient times. Charred item has a different medicinal effect than the original substance. Genshin is slowly roasted and charred brown rice with far infrared radiation, and it has been appreciated since ancient times for its detoxifying effect. When you brew the tea, you will get a dark black color like espresso, and you can enjoy the aroma and subtle sweetness of roasted brown rice together with its rich flavor. It can be also used as an ingredient for cooking or baking sweets.

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Everyday Elegance, Washable knitless one-piece


“Waste is eliminated by effective designing.” This is what KNIToDay’s designer Chiyuki Asano cherishes. It is also the common philosophy through all the brands developed by Asano Chiyuki. "I want to wear it today." "I want to wear it every day." We named it "KNIToDay" with the aim of producing knitted clothes that would make people think that way."



Social Design Co, Ltd.

As dusk approaches, the gentle wind blows playfully and butterflies disappear into the dark night in search of lovely flowers and much happiness.


At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, a prominent French art unit skilled at handling a specialized wood material disbanded. The artisans had fused their spirits and techniques to create wooden bow ties. The ties were given as a token of friendship to those who had supported their work, and today, the wooden creations continue to shine at salons not only in Europe but also around the world.
The urushi-lacquered bow tie CONCERTO revives these bow ties using traditional Japanese craft techniques. Enjoy the esprit of the good old days in France and Japan through these beautiful, elegant, and uniquely radical accessories.



Honshu Ltd

Room Sandals & Dress Turban


WABISABI+ dress room sandals can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The sandals look as if they have a “hanao,” which is a thong knotted in “zori” Japanese traditional footwear, but it is not actually a hanao, but designed for ease of use so that people who are not used to wear zori can also easily wear it. The sole is company’s unique “platform sole” which the front and back have been raised. The women’s version has a 6cm-heel that makes your legs appear beautiful. The shape that follows the arch adapts to the foot the moment you put them on, maintaining a comfortable and natural balance while walking. In addition, the convex finger pillow and the slope of the tip of the sole provide a smooth and comfortable walking experience by utilizing the finger force that is applied during walking.
The WABISABI+ dress turban is a headdress that employs the same designs used for the thongs. Originally a traditional style of Middle Eastern countries, turbans now attract a lot of attention as a must-have fashion item. The company also has a YouTube video tutorial to show how to tie a WABISABI+ dress turban. At first glance, these two items may not seem to have any connection, but both express Japan’s unique sense of beauty and help you enjoy an elegant lifestyle in everyday scenes.


Tsunotsuno Dice and Tetra

Borndea Co., Ltd.

2020 2nd session Award


ALTY Skincare Brush Series

ALTY Co.,Ltd.

A blissful cleansing brush that a customer fell in love with and became its seller


For some, the idea of washing your face and skin with a brush might feel a bit awkward. But once you try out this brush, you might change your mind. Its soft, gentle touch and excellent cleansing ability will make you want to keep massaging your skin with it forever. The story behind this product actually has some twists and turns. It was originally produced by a brush-making artisan, but had been discontinued due to poor sales. However, a fan of this brush, who happened to be the president of the company ALTY, found out about the situation, and passionately convinced the artisan to restart production and started selling the brush at the company. The key to creating such a fine brush is a one-of-a-kind machine for refining the fibers, developed by the artisan himself. Instead of melting the synthetic fibers, they are refined one by one by the artisan to achieve very fine tapered tips as well as unique uneven surfaces for catching dirt and impurities, resulting in superb usability.


Small hanger


2020 2nd session Award


The connectable hanger is ideal for storing small fashion items such as bags, hats and scarfs. It allows you to freely customize according to your need by connecting hooks. The hook at the top has a stopper to prevent it from falling while the connectable hooks are fastened using a screw so that you can take things easily without having to worry about the hanger falling off. In addition, the rotating part of the hanger is employed with the same structure used in the company’s bag metal fittings, which allows each hook to rotate independently so you can hang various things at once. It can be also hung in wall hooks in addition to clothing racks. Its maximum load is 8 kg, so it is strong enough to hold multiple bags without a problem. You can connect up to seven hooks. The streamlined shape while maintaining strength was made possible by casting. It offers great variations of Pop, Antique and Chic so that it can blend into any settings from formal to casual. There are a total of 17 colors so the combination is infinite. Choose your favorite ones and enjoy keeping your items organized every day. It can also be a good addition to the home interior.




2020 2nd session Gold Award


Torokeru Futon® Enifea II series is soft and light like a meringue and has a smooth texture like a crepe. The heat retention that wraps the body warmly, moisture-absorption and moisture-releasing properties that prevent stuffiness even if you sweat, and materials that are soft and smooth to the skin are the essential elements for a person to have a quality sleep. Torokeru Futon® Enifea II is excellent in offering such elements ensuring a deep sleep so that you can have a fully restorative, restful night. It is so comfortable that you will fall into a deep sleep without even noticing and find yourself already in the morning when you wake up. It is a new-sensation futon bedding set developed with the aim of achieving a perfect night’s sleep.

Borndea’s educational toy that can be enjoyed by everyone from age 0 to 100 has been produced entirely in Japan using domestic materials. Invented by an engineer and developed by an infant-toddler educator, unlike regular block toys, Tsunotsuno series offers various ways to play through different actions such as stacking, rotating, connecting, and rolling. They can be also used at swimming pools and baths as they float in water. In addition, you can wash the blocks in a washing machine by using a mesh laundry bag so that they can be kept clean. Having acquired the Safety Toy Standards and EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) while complying with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), Tsunotsuno series can be enjoyed by anyone with peace of mind and appreciated by a number of facilities nationwide including kindergartens, nurseries, schools for children with special needs, and elderly facilities. In addition, it has been certified by the Wonder 500, Tokyo Innovative Recognition and Trial Purchase Program and the Good Toy Award. Having acquired design registration in Japan, the US, EU, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, the company has been working toward export sales since last year.


Rice Bran Pad


2020 2nd session Award


Developed by a rice shop using rice bran, the pad can be used both for heating and cooling your body. When heated, rice bran releases heat containing moisture that slowly warms up the body from inside. The microwavable pad helps relieving pain such as stiff eyes, shoulders and back, while also being useful for those suffering from weak feeling due to keeping the air conditioner running too cold. In summer, you can use it to cool down your body by freezing it. The outer bag has small loops so that you can attach it to your body using a string. Made only from brown rice, rice bran and salt, the product is 100% natural. The fabrics made of 100% cotton and linen come with a simple embroidery that adds an accent to the product. In addition to its excellent function that retains the heat for a number of hours, the soft materials and the shape that fits comfortably to the body, the subtle aroma of the rice bran as well as the warm design also make the product attractive



2020 2nd session Award


As part of its effort to promote dietary education through toys, EYEUP CO., LTD. implements product development with the aims to cultivate children’s curiosity in food they are familiar with while learning about Japanese dining etiquette and customs. Manners Mame Beans is a series of toys that lets you learn how to use chopsticks in a fun way. In Japan, there has been a custom to practice proper holding techniques of chopsticks by moving the soybeans placed in a plate one at a time into another plate. Making use of its idea and knowhow as a toy manufacturer, the company has turned such chopstick practice tradition into a fun game for children. Although the toy was primarily developed for children who struggle using chopsticks, the slippery and small plastic beans are quite difficult to pick so even adults get excited and enthused about. Manner Mame Beans series is appreciated by a wide range of customers because chopsticks that require manual dexterity also serves as an excellent brain training tool. In fact, demand from nursing homes has increased in recent years. The plastic beans are carefully designed and deformed so that they do not look real to prevent small children from ingesting by mistake. For example, each of the beans has a cute and friendly face to spark children’s interest. Picking up these small beans one by one from a bowl help enhance your chopstick skills. In addition, the toy offers various other activities including puzzle and shape matching game.



Atelier TanTan

2020 2nd session Award


Inspired by “Kirie,” which is Japanese paper cutting art, KIRIE BIJOU is a jewelry series made from paper and gold foil. Kirie cutouts and paper are made of completely water-repellent durable materials while giving a feeling of airiness. It is a new type of jewelry which is so lightweight that once you wear, it makes you difficult to return to other jewelry. Finished with silver foil, gold foil and platinum foil, the brilliance of precious metals remains the same, and it is so light that even those of a bold design can be worn for a long time without causing ear pain. KIRIE BIJOU is also committed to creating its unique worldview. The exquisite texture of foil and urushi lacquer are used to produce faintness, making it look like antique jewelry or ancient art. KIRIE BIJOU is imbued with the world of Oriental modern while letting you enjoy the brilliance of pure gold and platinum at a low price. Wear KIRIE BIJOU and enjoy the chic and stylish fashion.

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