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戦争、環境破壊、地域格差などの社会問題。 しんしは、それら社会問題をアートの力でポジティブに変え、世界が笑顔で満ちる事を望む。

社会的な問題は、一度改善を行ったからといって解決する事ではない。 身の回りで気軽に継続的に続ける事。そして、その行いが広がる事が大事であると彼は考える。

彼は、アートを作る行為のハードルを下げ、多くの人が作ることを日常化していく事で物事を変え ていく。鑑賞者からアーティストへ。その案内役として、きっかけを与え続ける事が彼のアートで ある。

Artist of creating “smile”.
War, the destruction of the environment, regional differences, ̶̶.
By the energy of the art, Shinshi tries to lead such as social problems to positive direction. He hopes the world will be full of “smile”.

Social Problems cannot be solved easily, even if there had once improvement before. Continuously approaching to them, and everyone doing something, starting with what you feel familiar, with light-heartedly. He thinks it’s important that such as each actions spread to the world.

His style means “Lower a handle of creating art”, “Many people create art as usual.”, “It will change the world.” From “People who used to only sears works” to “One of an artist”. His works, as the guide, lead us to a new, and an ideal world, where things be better.

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