Sawako Kido

〈Sawako Kido Profile〉

2001  Participates in “86th the Nika Exhibition” in Japan

2003  Wins “Carrousel de Ruble Grand Prix” in France

2005 Wins “Memorial Award 90th the Nika Exhibition” in Japan

2006 Asia Artists International Exhibition 

2008 Solo Exhibition~Landscape of the mind~ in Tokyo

2010 Wins a prize in Japan China Guilin Art Exhibition

2011 Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

2013 Established “NPO Communication-Art”for the Physically & 

      Mentally challenged.”

2017 Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Chana

2018 Sawako Kido & Kozue Hoshisaki Joint Exhibition in Shanghai

2018 Sawako Kido & Communication-Art menbers Exhibition in New York


Director of Art Education for physically & mentally challenged children

NPO Communication-Art Chief Director 

Sawako Kido Art & Craft program leader

4-3-12 Minamigaoka Onojo city Fukuoka Japan  

postal code 816-0964

Tel/Fax +81 [92] 404-7221  [Communication-Art]



2001 「第86回二科展」入選

2003 フランス「美の革命展」にて「カルーゼル・ド・ルーブル・グランプリ」受賞

2005 「第90回二科展」にて「第90回記念賞」受賞

2006 「アジア国際美術展」に参加、以後数年出品

2008 東京にて「城戸佐和子展〜精神の景色〜」を開催

2013 障がいのある人達のアート活動支援団体「NPO法人コミュニケーション・アート」を設立

2017 中国・上海にて城戸佐和子個展

2018 中国・上海にて「城戸佐和子・星先こずえジョイント展」開催





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