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Saori Kurioka was born and raised in Kobe, Japan where she explored her aesthetic interests. In 2003, she moved to US to study and pursue photography. Ms. Kurioka attended at International Center of Photography and Brookdale Community College to further her knowledge in photography, studio art and fine art while living in the New York metropolitan area. Since then, her works have been continuously acclaimed and honored by various prestigious organizations including the Annual Photography Master Cup, Prix de la Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards.

After graduating from the college, she has worked as a commercial / fine art photographer, specializing in food and nature. Saori’s fine art photographic works uniquely combined both traditional dark room technique and digital enhancing. Her works are superb in the sense of styling, composition and colors. Those senses came from the experiences of floral designs and culinary arts in Japan, she said. Indeed, she is a certified master florist for IKEBANA (Japanese style flower arrangement), and has meticulous culinary skills at professional level, too. Today Saori lives in Brooklyn, NY and continues creating her photographic works, integrating her knowledge, experiences and aesthetic senses, to express her respect, passion and love for Creation. "For me, to capture the moment that moves me is to express my love toward Creation. I am always listening to the rhythm of all Creation." - Saori Kurioka

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