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Most hot springs and the largest output of hot spring water in Japan

Oita prefecture is located on the eastern of Kyushu island. It is well known for hot springs ("onsen" in Japanese) with the most hot springs and the largest output of hot spring water in Japan.

Its geographical location that faces the Bungo Suido (the channel between Kyushu and Shikoku Island) has made Oita famous for fresh fish, especially Seki-saba (mackerel) and Seki aji(saurel).

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Beppu Onsen, a group of hot springs, and Yufuin , a hot spring resort, are two biggest onsen destinations in Oita. Beppu Onsen features seven hells – hot spring for viewing only – and eight regular onsenareas – for bathing. 


Another go to place in Oita is Haraijiri Falls that were formed as part of an eruption of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago.

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Usa-Jingu is the first shrine of over 40,000 shrines across Japan, dedicated to Hachiman, the God of War. 


Beppu Onsen features steam cuisine, a local tradition using the natural heat of the onsen‘s steam to cook dishes. Beppu Onsen's numerous boiling points are called Jigoko, hell, so the steam foods are called Jigoku mushi (hell steamed) cuisine.

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Other local foods that are famous in Oita include Toriten, chicken tempura, Yaseuma, thick, wide, fat wheat noodles eaten with kinako soy flour and sugar, and Ryukyu, sliced fresh fish meat mixed with soy sauce, sake and sesame.

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Long history of hot springs in Oita has brought hand-made products unique to the prefecture.


Woven bamboo works in Beppu that trace back to 4th century gained its popularity in the Edo era whan wovwn bamboo products are used for visitors of the Beppu hot springs and sold as souvenirs. 

Hita, another historical onsen town, is known for one of the top three nationwide manufacturers of Geta (a traditional type of footwear in Japan that is generally worn with Kimono) made by using the quality cider and pine lumbers in the Hita valley. 

Hita is also known for Onta ware, pottery made around the valley of Onta since early 18th century. Its original techniques have not changed in 300 years.

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