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Beautiful sights of terraced rice paddies and the longest river in Japan

Niigata prefecture is located in Chubu region of honshu island and faces the Sea of Japan.
Niigata has one of the highest amount of rice production thanks for its climate and geography that has Shinano river, the longest river in Japan. Rice cake and sake made of rice produced in Niigata are also popular. 
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Taichaduke -  boiled snapper over rice soaked in hot green tea
Noppei jiru - traditional soup with lots of vegetables such as satoimo, carrots, konnyaku, shiitake mushrooms and aburaage
Wappa meshi - rice topped with seasonal vegetables and seafood in a special round container made of cedartree

Niigata is a popular winter vacation area for skiing. Yuzawa and Naeba are popular ski resorts with hot springs and local cuisine.


Niigata is mainly famous for rice production. Surrounded by high mountains, Niigata offers beautiful sights of terraced rice paddies. Wetlands were developed to have water tunnels and turned into rice fields.


Niigata meets all criteria for rice production, and has produced quality rice. 


Niigata lacquer originated in early 17th century. In 1638, an exclusive sales area of Niigata lacquer was established and lacquer business was protected.


Niigata lacquer is characterized by various type of coating and different styles. Niigata has historically widely accepted Buddhism as local people wanted some mental support due to repeated suffering from the overflow of the Shinano river.


Shrine Butsudan refers to Buddhist altars made in Niigata city. 




Niigata prefecture’s Tsubame city is world-renowned for its metal products. Together with the coloring and processing techniques used in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture, a city famous for its refined copper products, this exquisite teapot came to life. Each piece is carefully produced manually by skilled craftsmens.


ON THE UMAMI dashi Packs

FUTABA Co., Ltd.

2020 2nd session Gold Award


Based on the brand concept of “proposing a lifestyle centered around umami,” ON THE UMAMI aims at supporting its customers lead an enriched life filled with delicious food by proposing a lifestyle that goes beyond just food. Its mainstay broth pack series was developed to let anyone easily enjoy authentic Japanese broth. Made using a variety of ingredients, it also conveys the hope of the company to offer an opportunity to learn difference in food culture by regions as well as enjoy selecting broth depending on the dish. In order to keep the product quality consistent to deliver the same flavor at all times, the broths are produced based on scientific analysis as well as sensory analysis by experienced craftsmen. Umami flavor of each ingredient is brough out and illustrated on a tongue map, or taste map that shows different sections of the tongue responsible exclusively for each taste, so that the customers can easily understand. In addition to making soup stock, the products provide recipes that use the content of the pack itself in the dish allowing users enjoy the delicious taste at ease. Vegetable and tomato dashi have acquired the first vegan certification in Japan for broth packs. In addition, all products are made from domestic ingredients and no chemical seasonings or preservatives are used so that they can be used safely by people of all ages from children to the elderly.



Miyao Brewing Co, Ltd

"Shimeharitsuru" that sticks to the quality and brews honestly with Murakami's climate and food culture.

Shimeharitsuru is the signature brand of Miyao Shuzo, a historic brewery established in 1819 in Niigata Prefecture. Since its founding, the brewery has been dedicated to making the best Japanese sake. Being intensely particular about the quality of rice and water, Miyao Shuzo combines tradition with innovative technology and specializes in tanrei umakuchi, a rich yet light sake. Their sake has won the first place at the National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair in spring and fall consecutively for the first time in history while also being awarded top prizes in various awards. Shimeharitsuru Junmaijinjou Jun, a Gold Award winner at the Omotenashi Selection, is known as the oldest Junmai sake produced in Japan.
This umeshu (plum wine) is brewed using only white plums from Gunma Prefecture and sugar without adding any chemicals, with Shimeharitsuru sake as the main ingredient. The time of soaking the plums was adjusted with extreme care as the plums will become astringent when soaked for too long. The resulting umeshu (alcohol content 12%) has a natural aroma and sour plum flavor, which is perfect to enjoy on the rocks. Also, 3 parts plum wine to 1 part Shimeharitsuru sake would make a great cocktail with a good aroma, sweetness and sharpness balance. You can also use it as a flavor agent in cooking like Madeira wine. The label was designed by Mr. Mizumaru Anzai, known for his illustrations in the books of Nobel Prize nominee Haruki Murakami, who fell in love with the flavors of the product.

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