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"Narumi Chiba’s futuristic paintings invite you to a journey
 in a magical, colorful world inspired by her daily life."-Christie Petrakopoulou.

Narumi Chiba was born in Iwate in Japan in 1991 and grew up surrounded by beautiful nature.  
She studied anthropology in Tohoku University from 2010 and conducted research on art community and how it impacts people's daily life.   
In 2014 she studied in Stockholm and traveled around Europe for a year where she could explore new views and perspectives.
In 2015, she participated in the Field Trip Project Asia in the Phillipines"( as an asistant. 
Furthermore, she traveled to Indonesia where she coould observe many kinds of local expressions.  

About my art:
The experience and memories are the source of my imagination. I put my precious memories together and arranged them into my painting. My paintings express my deep inner self and I hope you that you find something that you like in them.


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