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Full of historic places due to the first permanent capital established in 710

Nara brings you back to ancient Japan with full of historic sites as a place of the first permanent capital established in 710.


Eight popular places including Todaiji temple and the ruins of the former capital of Heijo-kyo were appointed as a World Heritage site. Nara Park is a popular tourist place to feed friendly deer. 

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One of the famous temples in Nara is Horyuji temple whose pagoda is the oldest wooden structure in the world.


Another popular place is Todaiji temple for Breat Buddha Hall due to the gigantic bronze Buddha.

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Todaiji temple is also known for the Shosoin Repository, which stores art crafts around 8th century.


Mt. Yoshino located is known as beautiful cherry blossom spot in spring as it has 30,000 cherry trees planted along its slopes. 


Kakinoha sushi - mackerels and salmons on top of sushi rice wrapped by kakinoha (persimmon leaves)

Shishi-nabe - Hot pot of meat of wild boars and various kinds of vegetables simmered with miso


Nara is said to be a place where brushes were originated as a monk named Kukai brought its making technique from China. The existing oldest brush is stored in the Shosoin Repository.


Nara is also known for large production of ink whose production method was brought from China around 1,300 years ago. Tea whisks have been largely made in Nara since around 15th century as it is close to big cities such as Kyoto and Osaka. 

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