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The land of myths filled with beautiful natural sceneries with the most production of cedar trees

Miyazaki prefecture is located on the southeast coast of Kyushu. Its warm weather throughout a year forms beautiful natural sceneries with the most production of cedar trees in Japan and it welcomes professional sports teams for training during off season. 

Miyazaki is also known as the land of myths as many places in Miyazaki appear in the oldest Japanese history book called “Kojiki”, Record of Ancient Matters.

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Takachiho Gorge was created as a result of eruption of Mt. Also twice back in 120,000 years ago and 90,000 years ago.


Its wild long sheer cliff makes Takachiho a special place that appears in the myth of Shinto. Takachiho Shrine that is surrounded by cedar trees was built around 1,200 years ago, and is known for Takachiho Kagura. It is a sacred Shinto dance to pray for harvests.

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Hiyajiru - It is cold miso soup over rice that is good for hot weather in summer. The soup has fish, vegetables and tofu.

Charcoal grilled chicken - 

Chicken Namban - Miyazaki is a birth place of Chicken Namban, fried chicken with tartar sauce.

Niku-Maki Onigiri - It is a new kind of onigiri, rice balls, which are wrapped in sliced pork seasoned with a secret sauce and then baked.

Mango -  Due to its subtropical climate, Miyazaki is known for mangos. To get mangos at a prime time, farmers place a net under each mango to take ripened mangos before it falls.

Miyazaki is a forestry prefecture and it has created traditional crafts using locally browned woods. Miyazaki lacquer ware is a traditional craft that is made of woods grown in Miyazaki. A technique of lacquer coating was handed down from Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture in Japan. 

Miyazaki Rokuro Crafts are hand made by embracing characteristics of woods. Karui is a traditional bamboo backpack from the Takachiho area.

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